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  1. I worked 9 mounths on it , but there it goes.. https://soundcloud.com/jbetbrice/sets/the-castlevania-medley-i A medley of 18 songs , i planned to sell the album for 1 dollard, but apparently , Konami do not allow that So , it is free , and will remain free Enough talk , you can download each of the songs separatly , or ear the complete medley dirrectly by cliking the link Thanks
  2. Hello ! I posted a couple of weeks ago about a medley i was working on . So , here it is Song list---| BLOODY TEARS Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow Castlevania Legends Castlevania Dracula X Super Castlevania IV Haunted Castle THE GEARS GO AWRY Castlevania Portrait of Ruin NEW MESSIAH Castlevania Belmont's Revenge Castlevania The Adventure Rebirth CROSS A FEAR Castlevania Rondo of Blood Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles IRON BLUE INTENTION Castlevania Bloodlines/The New Generation Castlevania Portrait of Ruin CURSED CLOCK TOWER Castlevania
  3. Medley is Finished , how declare the subject as '' Ended ? "
  4. Hello ! Thanks for your advices but in the "réal" medley, many of chose ending fading will be removed, for a better transition, for the bass, i have à problem: my double bass work actually quite good, but cannot play very High... So i used a midi bass for more precision.
  5. Very Good Remix ! Can you add more *Echo* Effect to the Double bass ? ( i think it's a double bass who is playing the C at the beginning)
  6. The Title is '' Beginning '' I'm beginning working on it ! There it is http://www.partage-facile.com/1BL9L5PGXY/the_beginning.mp3.html
  7. Sounds Great ! But the Flute must be lowered in my opinion ! A bit '' Agressive''
  8. Edit , Added Sorrow Distortion http://paf.im/nkwAQ
  9. So.. You need a Celtic version of Wicked Child ? I can do that if you want , just gave me some precisions
  10. Hello OCRemix Users ! I'm actually working on a Medley of a Castlevania Series , trying to regroup the best themes of the series on one . I've Already Done - Bloodlines Bequeathed ( Bloodlines ) - Gears Go Awry - Simon Theme - Sorrow Distortion - Dracula's Tears - Vampire Killer / Clock tower - A Version of Tower of Dolls All of those are done like a '' Rock Style '' With my Electric Guitar , Piano , And Double Bass Sometimes Please , write your tracks/style ideas , if necessary , i will post 1/2 pf my renditions Gears Go Awry http://www.partage-facile.com/TPKAOSAN31/gears_go_aw
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