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  1. Honestly; the fact the remixer considered a segue into the Fire Emblem Gaiden final boss theme... that impresses me; and I'd love to hear a remix of that in his style. Because there's something about songs by about:blank that really captures my attention. Like Emunator said; there's elements all throughout the song that demands attention - that Sans vocal chop mixed throughout is something that took me a moment or two to actually recognize, but it brought an instant smile to my face. The glitch work is on point, nothing is at all out of place. It's well balanced, a good spread of audio; always something interesting going on but never cluttered to the point of being overwhelming; pretty spot on for this kind of chill lo-fi mix. But really; I'd love to see more Fire Emblem on here too...
  2. Soo... this is both a request and a little bit of a confused commentary. While it's never been on-par for fandom size with the giants of The Legend of Zelda; Final Fantasy, Mario and the rest of it's Super Smash Brothers stablemates; it's still a long-running Nintendo franchise that has a lot of supporters; especially considering the success of the mobile game. So, imagine my surprise when I found that there was only a single Fire Emblem remix on the site itself; and a second one on an album that was marked as being as "Super Smash Brothers" remix. Now; with Fire Emblem: Three Houses around the corner, and with our very own XPRTNovice himself voicing characters in the mobile game (and I'm convinced he's one of the main characters in Three Houses from the voice clips so far), I have to make my request - can we get more Fire Emblem? As some direct mentions; though I'm requesting literally anything from the franchise - you've got your epic final boss theme from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia with Twilight of the Gods - You have the vocal theme of the three versions of Fire Emblem Fates; a motif that fills the game repeatedly, Lost In Thoughts All Alone - The very iconic Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword theme that still pops up in my head; the one we all know from Smash Bros, Together We Ride - I could sit here for ages just sharing songs I'd love to here remixed here; but... yeah. I'd love more Fire Emblem; please. I'd say "even if I have to contribute myself"; but I don't think I have the skills to even attempt it at the moment.
  3. I can't say that I quite know what the answer to this is. I've found that my own creative drives and abilities have been stunted by anxiety over recent years. I've always dabbled in a lot of things, from audio to spoken word to prose and poetry to cosplay, and I've had issues with all of these at points over past two and a half years. Partly because I started to rely too heavily on other people's opinions of what I create, and stopped caring about my own opinions on these. Before I talk about my own personal examples, I have to say that djp had it entirely correct with that summary line. That was literally what got me through some of the roughest creative times in my life, especially moments of writers block with university deadlines coming up hard. I'm slowly learning how to do that again, partly to help keep me sane through my current difficulties. It's hardly going to be easy, rewiring how you think never is. But it's always worth it in the long run. Examples of me working through my anxiety? I've had issues as a guitarist and musician after the head of the music department of my high school told me to my face that I do not have the talent or drive to make it as a guitarist, and as such I was the only student who ever asked for the chance to perform solo to never receive it. As such, I've only just started noodling around on my guitar in recent years, with my purchase of REAPER all those years ago getting some work through recording freeform poetry for university. So I'm starting to find my drive to play music (and hopefully one day submit remixes here) again after six of being out of high school. University stunted my drive to write in a similar way. Everything had to have meaning, had to be 100% literary perfection. I studied psychology with a second major in creative writing, so while my works were often interesting, there were times where, on workshopping, I'd be criticized for not having enough meaning or in my work. Again, I'm slowly trying to figure out how to write for myself again, rather than for what other people want to read. Also if people want to hear the spoken word poetry; even if it's not that professionally recorded or done considering it was me in my bedroom with a performance mic and no idea how to work REAPER properly, I can give links to the set of five on Soundcloud. The cosplay is stunted mostly through my own cumbersome lack of skill to actually work with fabric or wigs or makeup easily, especially compounded by a recent argument with one of my key cosplay partners; the person who basically did my wigs and makeup. So that one is more anxiety about losing my contacts there and the inspiration that brought for me, and hopefully things will fix up again before too long.
  4. So I really need to get back into commenting on tracks; even just to try to just share the love and try not to be as cringe-worthy as I was those years back. And so of course I chose the song with the most downright sexual instrument I could... that bass is downright explicit! That intro; with the emphasis on the upright bass? Oh my; there's more than pillars of salt rising from that. Jokes and puns aside; this really does deserve a touch more attention than it's received over the years. Yes; it has H-samples in it. But would the song be the same without them? Would any other instrument bring that surprise factor? Honestly; with repeated listens, I don't think I could argue any other instrument would work in their place. The "melody" line they play isn't really something you'd get a woodwind instrument to play, and there's no drum that comes to mind that fits with this style of music that can replicate that kind of noise. Aside for that first intro at :34, the "moans" aren't even all that exposed (Heh), with a role partway between a percussive instrument and a lead line. They play with that bass and the heavily Middle Eastern sound, becoming another piece of the auditory soundscape. And as I said, I really, REALLY love that bass. Which is unfortunate, since I'm not allowed to have my bass up high or subwoofer on most of the time. That funky rhythm, those dirty note-slides, it's got real skill in it. Guess this shows the world that there's more uses for the adult animation audio than just meat-beating.
  5. I might be mainly on OCE for League; but as a heavy introvert who adores this community, complete with social anxiety reaching the point of actually hampering his day-to-day life; I'd be happy to get back on my level 20-something NA account on League... as long as you guys are fine with playing with a guy with ping over 270.
  6. Don't know if this is on YouTube, but a member of Rooster Teeth ate a ten McRib stack and filmed it. Larry, I watched all of it and immediately thought of this thread.
  7. I've loved all of Cyril's vocal tracks so far, and this one has exactly the same qualities I've enjoyed about the others. I sing along to Never Stop in my car. Absolution Comes in Dreams was the song that brought me to OCR in the first place, and while his voice might not be the most refined in the world, it's got passion, and his lyrics are always well thought out. I'll echo the critiques, though. There are points where the vocal line are simply too muddy to make out clearly, which is a shame. The songs I mentioned before both had very powerful and clear vocal lines, so the mixing flaws in this are more evident. But, along the same lines as everybody else, it's no bother. Keep up the brilliant work.
  8. Waitwaitwait... halc & Digi Valentine? Doing Sonic tracks? MY BODY ISN'T READY! Time to go steal a new Metal Sonic body.
  9. Seriously? I missed these guys at PAX Aus (despite being there, had to go before the concert started), and I was annoyed at missing Armcannon? Local talent represent! I can't describe what the song makes me think. Like DJP pointed out, it's somewhat similar to AkumajoBelmont, with "For You" immediately jumping into my mind, but for two reasons. Yes, the aesthetic is very similar, but Robbie is from Sydney. These guys are from Brisbane. I'm from Melbourne. It's the pronunciation and accent in the vocals that adds to it, and I LOVE IT. If I manage to score tickets to PAX Aus again (won tickets for the Pokemon Nationals), then I'll stick around if they're playing there. Or if Armcannon is, since I ain't missing out on any more live VGM and Remixes.
  10. Ok, to get the title gunk out of my system - I'm a Christian, and this title doesn't offend me in the slightest. Reading over this thread just gave me a headache. Which re-listening to the song then fixed. While I, as a writer, try not to include anything offensive in my works, and as such try not to bring up religion, I can understand the usage here. Probably because, being an Australian, I've heard the use of his name as a release of frustration many times. Yes, I am responding to a many-year-old thread here, but I just needed to let that go. As for the song, I have no words. It's unique on my PC, which is filled with everything from Elvis and the Beatles to modern rap to a few traditional classical pieces, a large proportion of this site's content and albums, and yes, Christian music as well. A purely percussion track doesn't sound like it would work, but in high school, the music performances would typically end up with a drum ensemble playing in this style. As a separate note, I was brought up with the Power of One soundtrack and the Soweto Gospel Choir as favorites of my family (despite my roots being European), I guess I'm accustomed to the African vibe of this track. All in all, while I couldn't give a breakdown of it (I'm not a percussionist, my area of skill is more in guitars and my voice), there's just something about this track that fits into the epoch, and will never need to be told to get back in because of dinosaurs. Unless those dinosaurs are people with outdated views.
  11. No, I too hear the Maplestory vibe, and I too enjoy that. We need more Maplestory mixes. But that's beside the point. This track is just... wow. Yes, the samples are a little lacking, especially in the drums and guitar. But damn, the arrangement ties every little piece together really well, so the quality of the samples doesn't matter, at least, not to my ears. Flute boy's got some brilliant help from the Nocturne, it would seem.
  12. The writeup was too long, I failed to understand what was going on. Can I get a TL;DR please? Oh, wait. The song speaks for itself. My brain just melted in a halc fan blur. And considering my cosplayer name is Halcyon, that is a hard feat to pull. I salute you, fellow halc!
  13. Tried Wartune ages ago, found it even more boring than AdventureQuest (Which I last played in primary school, back when I felt such games were "fun") so I quit. And then these ads came out. Was I missing something? Went back to Wartune. Nope, not missing a single damn thing. Whoever this company is, they really need to re-evaluate their marketing strategy. If the game was rated 18+, not sure if they could advertise it so widely. Then again, since it isn't, I think it's breaching advertising laws. Ironically, there are teenagers games I played (high school, of course.) that could pass those restrictions. Doesn't programs such as IMVU have "adults-only" content? Let alone that MMO "Scarlet Blade" (Heard of it in a review on YouTube, and it was just another generic MMO. Except you could pay real money and remove the already-skimpy clothing your female avatar was wearing. Because there was no men in the game, barring NPCs...). I think I'll stick to games with awesome music and fun gameplay, and the ones that force sexuality on the player can lie and rot for all I care.
  14. I would like Mega Charizard X, yes. I have the stone for MegaZard Y... and I'll be looking for a second post-game, since you can find them.
  15. Well, I can still say that one of BGC's remixes, Chivalry Begins, can still bring me to tears when I sing along to it. And up until I found out about the weird-ass tuning, I wanted to play a cover of it. Now, I'm questioning the sanity of that (Both the cover, and the tuning). It's too beautiful a song for me to cover, but it inspired me to start writing music again, which, as a acoustic guitar player/vocalist, is a good sign for me. Haven't had much luck/time since starting uni, but I love that song, it's one of my all-time favorites. As for all the clique issues.... I've been an administrator on a wiki for many years now, and I can attest that cliques are a major problem. Before I ended up as the guy running the wiki, the former team dealt with things as a clique, and almost split the userbase in half with some of their decisions. Me? Being in Australia on a glitch-ridden old PC, I could barely access the sites they were using for discussion, so I had no say on what was happening. Now, with a new PC and the discussions happening on-site, the cliques are still there... but have no power. I don't know why I'm telling this story. As a plus-side, finally got Reaper, so maybe my name will be up on here, with Remixer credits. I know I'm nowhere near good enough to be the next BGC/XPRTNovice/Zyko/Pot Hocket/Level 99 (all of which, btw, have songs I ADORE), but I think my own style, as well as collaberations, might just help me find my way as a musician after my hopes of being heard in person at open mic nights and talent quests was crushed by high school teachers & other students. This might just save my love of playing music, it certainly has diversified the styles I listen to.
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