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  1. It's got kind of a happy feel to it, and it's really catchy. I remember hearing it in one of the games on YoyoGames. Here's a link that has the music on the background, at 6:22
  2. I have a 24hr video that I want to cut up into smaller parts, but it won't open in Windows Live Movie Maker, probably because it is so large. Is there any other free program I can use to do this?
  3. Hey all, I'm looking for music from the following video games: -Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure -Big Bang Mini Does anyone know where I should look? Thanks!
  4. It's working now! For... some reason? I think it was one of my add-ons. Regardless, thanks guys :3
  5. Well, most people might not know how experienced someone is, what his goals are, what his progress is and how he learns new things. A mentor will get to know this information and because of that, he will be able to help and teach his mentee better. ... Also what's a compo
  6. ...and because I started this conversation I obviously get first pick!
  7. Magfest starts the 2nd of January right? I think I myself could really use a mentor, as it's very hard for me to take the first steps. :/
  8. Hey guys, Would it be a good idea to have a mentor system on this forum, so every newbie has one person they can ask questions about music composing? Or does anyone know a music forum where this is done? Please let me know what you think
  9. Hey all, I'm trying to post a topic in the Help subforum, but every time I try this I get a notification saying that my message is too short. It's definitely not though, I'm pretty sure it has more than 10 characters. Does anyone know why this is? I'm posting this using Internet Explorer because it won't work in Firefox. Thanks, YT
  10. Does anyone know of a good Android Melody App? I'd like to use it to remember melodies I come up with while I'm not at home.
  11. I'm afraid I misunderstood what a synthesizer actually is >_< To clarify: I'm going to need a synthesizer if I want to make music on my computer, correct? I was pointed to Reaper in the following topic: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=43779 Can I use Reaper to make my music sound better, even though I don't want to record instruments?
  12. Direct Sound worked! I thought I'd need ASIO because it said so in the first post, thanks a ton. One little problem I have is that items in the demo were saved by extensions I don't have, and I can't tell which extensions they are :/ Also, I'm still not sure if this is the right program for me. I don't intend to record anything, and I'm also not too interested in techno-sound and synthesizers. Is this still the best program for me right now?
  13. Well, I managed to download the demo project and load it into Reaper, but there's no sound. Do I need a sound card for Reaper, even if I don't intend to record instruments? Some helpdesk guy told me I didn't :/ Also I was pointed to this program because I'm just getting started as a remixer/composer. I only have experience with Anvil Studio, so this is all confusing for me.
  14. I'm having some problems with Reaper. - First of all I can't find the demo project mentioned in the first post, or any demo project at all for that matter. - Also when I'm using Reaper I can't hear sound from YouTube videos. - I can't find the plugin that I installed for Reaper. - Lastly my demo isn't unlimited, it only lasts 60 days.
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