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    I came from a metal background, got into orchestral music, and shortly after, electronic music. While I love to rock out to some house or dubstep from time to time, I am always game for a nice, adventurous symphonic piece. I am able to produce adequately all of the genres listed above, though that's the problem - they're adequate, but not GREAT. I suppose I joined to perfect my craft.
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    Tommy Parrish
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    High School Student
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    FL Studio
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    Electric Guitar: Lead
    Electric Guitar: Rhythm

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  1. Alright. I guess that just comes with practice. I also realized today that I forgot to pan EVERYTHING but it's too late...
  2. Alright, well I'll give my advice chronologically: 1) Right off the bat, I notice you need some reverb. Because all of the instruments would supposedly come from the same room with a real orchestra, you want to route everything to the same reverb unit. You'll probably want a reverb unit that has separate high decay and low decay, because higher frequencies reverberate longer than lower ones (because they bounce around more). 2) That synth that plays at :22 is VERY messy. Either EQ the crap out of it (which I am not great at, so I can't help you there), or do yourself a favor and change the instrumentation outright. If it were me, I would have made it a brass cannon. Try layering a tuba, trombone, french horn and trumpet, all doing octaves in their respective note ranges. This will provide an effect similar to the Inception soundtrack, especially if you really pump the bass (but don't overdo it! 3) The instrument that wants to be a guitar is too static to be a guitar. I've found that some acoustic patches work in the background of a mix, but if you plan to use electric guitar in your pieces, you might want to consider saving up for a rig in real life. Other than those things, the composition was okay. You might want to consider starting with more traditional orchestral elements before you branch out into the industrial-orchestral stuff. Keep working! c:
  3. So I was browsing OCR, and I saw the word "Kirby." The rest is history. Remix/medley: Source material: Criticism is welcome, but I'm not going to continue production on this particular remix.
  4. Thank you for the feedback! Any tips on how to make a great kick? Mine always seem to fall short :I
  5. Here is my remix of the "Last Battle" theme from Cave Story. I'm kind of concerned as to if I used enough of the source material, but I DID make the most prominent part of the song - to me - the chorus, so who knows. I feel like I strayed from the mood of the original in places, but I suppose that's okay. I was told my sub bass is muddy. I feel like my kick is bleugh as well. I don't plan on fixing this up any more than I already tried, because believe me I tried for a while, but I would like to know the production skills to truly take my production to the next level for the future.
  6. I am CaptainFluffatun, though my real name is Tommy. Feel free to call me by either. I began making music when I picked up guitar. I took up the instrument thinking I'd get chicks but hate it, and now I have no chicks but love the instrument. I wrote shitty metal music in a band that fell apart pretty quickly due to lack of participation from the members (myself included). I realized I worked faster on my own. Around this time is the time I got into ponies (if you don't like them, I won't shove them in your face, though extend me the courtesy of not insulting me either), and simultaneously realized my love for film music. Using the help from that fandom, I built up my orchestral music production skills, and it is now my strongsuit. I find myself able to simply CREATE in orchestral music, without having to worry about producing the song properly. But I'm not all cellos and violins, either. I love electronic music! Thusly, I took that up as well. I've made a few adequate songs, but they aren't amazing, and don't have a whole lot of reply value. And that brings us to now. I joined this forum because I want to take my electronic music production to the next level. I want to make masterpieces, not songs. I guess I joined because I simply want help on electronic music production, and can offer my feedback on orchestral music production. I use FL Studio for electronic and rock music, and I use Cubase 5 for orchestral music. I am proficient in both. I suppose on a game remix forum, I should list games I like (in no particular order): -Skyrim -Cave story -Minecraft -Fallout -Okami Obviously, there are tons more, but we'd be here all day if I listed them all. Those are just a few that came to mind instantly. Other than that, I guess I'd just like to say I'm looking forward to my experiences here. The work I've heard from this site in the past is phenomenal - I just didn't think to join until now.
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