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  1. So after more than a year i finally got the word that the judges rejected my Mega Man 5 Dark Man stage remix. They did not think it was good enough. I uploaded it to my youtube channel. Hopefully some of you might enjoy it
  2. Did an heavy electronic metal remix of Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean. It´s a bit different from the other remixes that are out there. ^^ Hope you guys like it https://youtu.be/y09aka_xqZ4
  3. Well i submitted the remix back in January. Still no word from the judges? I have written a message directly to a judge but no answer...*sigh*
  4. Hey i submitted a Mega Man remix back in january. Still no word if you guys will post it or not?

  5. Remix is done. Gona submit it today.
  6. Ok i have started working on the remix. Will post it tomorrow or within a couple of days
  7. I did some vocals for the instrumental Kavinsky track called Roadgame. Check it out if you like Kavinsky http://youtu.be/g58oucgn-Aw
  8. Any link to the original songs? I will give it a listen and consider it
  9. Some original music written, produced and mixed by me for my band Frostlit.
  10. My quick remix of the wildstar character creation music. Enjoy!
  11. My first single. Available on Spotify, ITunes etc. Hope you guys like. It has some game music vibes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VM0Uh3w6bt8
  12. A remix i did about two months ago. Rocklynn - Fear Not This Night (Rock/Metal remix) Guild Wars 2
  13. A remix a did last year. Rocklynn - Duel Of The Fates Remix (Rise Of The Sith) Game:Star Wars the Old Republic.
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