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  1. Woooooaaaaah, some of those look like Gizoids. I actually really liked sonic battle and its story, and liked Emerl. It'd be neat to see him return in some form, but those ones are just normal enemies I'm sure. Like in the Dark Brotherhood. quite an interesting picture
  2. I'll state again, ive added pretty much everyone in the OP, as well as many of the more recent people. My FC is 1719 3729 7593, and if you add me but i don't have you for some reason, let me know.
  3. That would be great to listen to, some of the best songs from sonic are from 3D blast. It seems like it gets underrepresented a lot though. Partly why SRZC was so cool, used a couple songs from that as sources.
  4. Oh man I am looking forward to listening to this, I loved every mix from the first one like dang they were amazing. I'm sure this one will be just as great!
  5. Speaking of steam, you can get Left 4 Dead 2 for free today, and keep it forever! A great Christmas gift from valve.
  6. wait you can just make your own music with an abc file? How does that even work?
  7. i can host a server on and off, nothing really suitable for more than little multiplayer expiditions though
  8. Starbound is a game that is sort of a spiritual successor to Terraria, and the beta just came out today! Anyone else excited about it?
  9. mmm, I suppose that depending on where you hang out at on the forum, you may run into more of the rabid fans, but overall, everyone there is pleasant, especially in the general chat and media subforums where discussion is focused on those rather than MSPA. Of coures, maybe I just happen to be where all the pleasant people are around there, I dont know. And of coruse, you can find people who are respectable and mature wherever you go, although its harder in some places compared to others.
  10. MSPA forums is one of the better ones available online, its the only other one i frequent.
  11. and in DKC3, it is her game, and she shines even brighter in comparison to kiddie kong.
  12. For extra fun, junction 100 ultima to level 100 squall and give him the suicide/sacrifice option gained from cactuar (don't forget the attack power increases from GF's) and just destroy essentially every boss in the game in one hit. Mobile type 8 giving you problems? One hit kill. Sick of Seifer belittleing you? Take him out before he's even done taunting! with the ultima and omega weapons, as well as the final boss, you have to weaken them a bit first, but you can easily cut the fight time in half with the suicide/sacrifice command, as long as you make sure its the final blow. That's how I played final fantasy 8
  13. Fuck, Nintendo has shut down swapnote because minors were exchanging inappropriate pictures with it. WHy do people have to take a good thing and ruin it for everyone? I liked sending silly notes to my friends. All swapnote is good for now is streetpass notes, which is both broken and virtually useless because the receiving party must be on your friends list.
  14. Ha project chaos was how I first learned of OCR too. My sister had a couple remixes from it on our computer and I thought they were awesome. a year or 3 after that, I decided to search up the album, and discovered OCR. I dont think it was until some years after that when I finally decided to check ocr out again on a whim, and I downloaded a bunch of albums and remixes. I'd periodically come back to search for different remixes and see if there was anything new. I don't really remember why i made an account earlier this year, or maybe late last year, I guess because i figured if I ever did anything music related I could get feedback for it. All I do though is chill around the community boards, and i'm essentially nobody haha. But seriously, Project Chaos was amazing, I never would have dreamed something like it could have existed.
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