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  1. Sounds... Interesting... Riiiiight...... Interesting... Blargh.
  2. Actually, I was on the site for about a year before I decided to join (I'm lazy XD).
  3. TURN THEM OFF Random Bushwacking shouldn't be possible, anyways.
  4. Ditto. I really want a house.
  5. Can I get whitelisted? Username: thepika22@gmail.com or Pika220 (Migrated to a mojang account, so I don't know)
  6. ...Ok. That was weird. I spent 2-3 Hours playing Planetside 2. Then I played TF2. PS2's Sprint is bound to TF2's Taunt button. XD
  7. Ok, I need to stop trolling people. I went on a server and pretended I was some random 8 year old who can't spell. Being a Grammar Nazi, that was really hard.
  8. Jarate, Yes. Taunting, seing as I don't have a Schaudenfruede, no.
  9. It was some random recent one, I think 54. Got 100 points in a single game as sniper, most kills were bodyshots... I'm becoming Sombrero...
  10. Some random guy traded me a strange reserve shooter, a strange shortstop, and both jumpers, for the highest price ever known to man... ...a crate... No, seriously, a crate. Best. Deal. Ever.
  11. Sure. Gimme 20 years. I should specify: I can get you a normal weapon, except the new ones, for one scrap each. Oh, and if you buy 3, I'll give you an extra for free.
  12. Hey, anyone need any weapons? I can pretty much get any weps except the new ones for 1 scrap.
  13. Add me on steam, it's Pika220, or Pika22, whichever it says.
  14. I have one thing to say about last night: HEAVY IS PRETTIEST PRINCESS!
  15. A festive rainblower? or just a normal? 'cause I've got a normal sitting around.
  16. Hey, anyone want a "doctor's sack" hat? I've got one sitting around and don't need (or want) it.
  17. I have to say, I do like this album. The music style is very fitting for Majora's Mask. My only problem (Not related to the music in any way) is that I can't download it. Well, I can download it, but when I try to open it it tells me that the file is invalid. Eh... but then again, my computer's been having problems lately. So there's that. BECAUSE I'M A POTATO [/random] Sorry about that...
  18. What do you want for the Sandvich or the Ambassador? At the moment, TF2 isn't working, so hopefully the trade will work if I have the right amount of stuff.
  19. Hopefully Steam co-operates tonight so I can get on. I really want to see the Christmas-y maps. ...nevermind. Will be getting a new computer in a couple days, so I'll actually be able to play most of my games properly. At the moment, because my computer isn't all that great, I can't play Skyrim properly (I get like 8 fps), I get around 10-15 fps in Minecraft, and XCOM kills my comp. So, yeah. Bleh.
  20. Oh, just a tip for anyone with a 64bit computer: To get a better framerate, just alt-click on TF2 in steam library, then "Properties>Set Launch Options" and say -32Bit Works sometimes, sometimes it doesn't.
  21. Me too. it's weird... I figured out my problem with connecting to Steam though. I went and disabled every internet connection except my main wireless, and I was able to log in fine. EDIT: Neeevermind. Steam won't connect. Stupid Steam... EDIT 2: Steam is bipolar.
  22. No particular reason, I was just wondering how many people had played them, since that's usually all I play, with the exception of the ORC server. Also, because the 3 second respawn and low gravity on the server that I use help make the game even crazier than usual.
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