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  1. This post had nothing to do with my raging. Do people get on the server during the week? I've been checking the server, and no one's been on except on Friday. EDIT: Weird... I had to connect to wired internet to log in, but now it accepts wireless. Yayz! Now i can trade my naughty winter crate for a Strange Sticky Bomb Launcher!!! Most of that stuff didn't work, but thanks anyways. Triple Post? Seriously Pika? I thought you were much better than that!
  2. It's not my laptop, everything else (sans YouTube) is loading fine, but Steam is having one of it's retarded moments... EDIT: Sorry for the double post. Restarting my comp, be back in 5. EDIT 2: Nope.avi. Not working. Gonna try uninstalling Hamachi, that might be the problem. EDIT 3: Guess what? Nothing to do with Hamachi. Windows won't let me use the install file, I purged the client stuff, and I've restarted my computer 5 times. Sorry about raging so much. Bleh.
  3. Windows Installer This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package. *sigh* Tried re-installing, got this error.
  4. *sigh*....Steam refuses to connect for me, so I can't play TF2. Or Portal. Or Most of my other games. The weird thing is that it's only on my laptop. It worked fine on my desktop, but I don't have TF2 on there. And naturally I don't have it on my phone, either. I've restarted my computer 3 times, and nothing happened. I also can't watch YouTube on my computer... The new update freezes after 3 seconds. Bleh. [/rant] Oh, and does anyone know if I can make it so that Steam doesn't start in Big Picture Mode? It's really annoying. Now that I think about it... it's probably a problem with the beta version... and I can't opt out without starting Steam.. which I can't do... Maybe I should turn of the internet and go offline... Anyone who read this far probably had to much free time. I'll shut up now...
  5. Same map problem for me too. I was trying to get on the other day while Baha was testing the maps, and it wouldn't download for me, either.
  6. Hey. Joined a couple weeks ago, but didn't post 'till now. I'm lazy, I know . Last night I wound up getting a new Strange Tomislav for 8 weapons (Less than one reclaimed metal, and most go for several refined), and I already have 86 kills with it. Oh, and does anyone want a blutsauger? I have 2, and I like my Crusaders Crossbow. Baha, thanks for the gifts. I was able to trade the eviction notice you gave me for the Tomi.
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