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    I'm a native Utahn and have lived there all my life. I grew up playing video games and loving the stories they tell. The powerful ability video games have to evoke feelings in the player, as well as the unrivaled level of interaction that they offer, make them a truly unique art form! Besides, being a lot of fun! So, needless to say, I'm a big video game nerd and would be first to argue with someone that passively dismisses the artistic value that they hold.

    I was thrilled to find this site early in 2012 and see all the amazing, creative arrangements that people are churning out! It has inspired me to get more into music and try my hand at making some music for people to enjoy while paying tribute to some of my favorite games.

    Outside of video games, I love to spend time outdoors and have a big interest in philosophy and Theology. Despite that, I'm rarely too serious and crack a lot of jokes. Consider yourself warned! :-)
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  1. Hello Illustrious Peoples of OCRemix! I found this site early in 2012 and have been coming back regularly since! I love video game music and I used to think that I was kind of odd for listening to the BGM for 'Frontier Village Dali' while doing my homework, or just enjoying a listen to the 'Aria Di Mezzo Carattere' in my spare time. So I was thrilled to find a site full video game music lovers that also happen to be amazingly talented musicians! So, I've been downloading and enjoying tons of awesome tracks over the last several months and I get to thinking...(always a dangerous endeav
  2. This is a great remix that brings a lot of intensity. The thoughtful acoustic guitar sound and phrasing gives me goosebumps. Ryan, this is a fine tribute to your grandmother! May her memory be eternal, my friend!
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