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  1. Amazing. One of the best ReMixes I've ever heard, hands down...
  2. Bottom Line: Solid Castlevania guitar mix. The Good: The guitar work is fantastic, if you're into that kind of thing. Even if it is repetitive, the melody is really catchy. The Bad: The drum and bass really need to be redone with better instruments, and the melody needs to progress a bit more.
  3. Bottom Line: A solid Mega Man mix that stays faithful to the original - think of it as a major upgrade to the original tune. The Good: This ReMix does something that I highly respect - it captures the spirit of the game. That's not the only thing it does well, though - it's also very well sequenced and shows a significant degree of technical prowess. The Bad: Nothing about this ReMix was "bad," but I would have liked to see more build-up and variations on the melody. That's just me, though - and I have to admit that Mega Man tunage is so good already that there really isn't all that much you can mess around with.
  4. I've been messing around with Fruity Loops lately, and I'm not quite sure how you remixers do it. If you import a MIDI file, that plays fine in a pattern, but when you switch to song mode, it only plays the first five seconds or so. Can anyone explain this to me? (Appologies if this is an obvious question...)
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