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    In the Fire Protection Industry, working full-time, and have always wanted to get in touch with my creative side. Since I've been singing and whistling my favourite tunes from video games since I was about 7 years old, I decided Video Game Composition is the way to go! Recently started playing around with FL Studio and it's my new addiction!

    Although I am only a budding composer, I am still very interested in getting to know the folks on here, share ideas, take on a few pointers, and collaborate.

    And so...here I am. =)

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    Daniel J Rocha - Daiko Studios
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    Fire Protection / Musical Hobbyist
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  1. Hi Mystill, Thank you very much for your feedback! For clarification purposes, when you say the guitar sounds really pitched, do you mean throughout the entire remix, or in a particular section? You are correct about the organ hiding the guitar a tad bit in the beginning, I wanted a smooth transition and not something that was overly aggressive and going to leap out at you. On that note though, I could make a few tweaks if necessary, how many seconds at the start of the guitar does it sound quiet for you? I am very glad you enjoyed the remix, and it makes me ecstatic to hear that you got that 'dancing mad' feeling, fantastic! I'd like to hear some of your work too if possible Thanks!
  2. Exceeded 60 channels? Dang. Curious though, I also have 8gb of RAM; perhaps I'll start looking into getting an SSD instead. I was about | | <-- that close to getting 16gb of RAM instead. Thanks again, looking forward to hearing more of your work =)
  3. Hi Dyne, Thanks for the opportunity. I'm relatively new to the community and I'd like to give this a shot =) In the process of throwing some ideas together, so I'll let you know in the near future. Thanks!
  4. This is one epic beat! I listened to the originals as well, and you really nailed it. It was well balanced, and didn't sound crunched. How many channels did you end up using in this project? I find if I have too many channels, FL Studio likes to crash on me. Perhaps it's just a memory issue though. Good stuff!
  5. Hello everyone, For all you Breath of Fire 2 fans out there (or not), who made it through the tedious as hell final dungeon (you know, take 2 steps, fight...take another 3, fight - and smoke screens didn't save you) and to the last boss, this is for you! The final battle against Deathevn was epic, emotionally touching, and downright cool. I enjoyed it so much, I decided to take a shot at the remix. Any feedback and constructive criticism is welcome, as I'm still fluid to making tweaks for it. Thanks and enjoy! -D https://soundcloud.com/daniel-j-rocha/d-j-rocha-bof2-decadence-of-a
  6. Ahoy there Xaero, I'm sure I'm not alone when I say World Revolution is one of my favourites. I feel there is a lot of potential to this remix! In my opinion, one of the primary driving forces of this tune lie in the percussion. I agree with Melodious, and furthermore, I can't help but feel more emphasis is needed on it. However, v2 is definitely an improvement! So keep at it. From 1:18 - 1:54, I really like the contrast here. It's a nice light touch on the violin with the full sound of the trumpet. Also, in comparison to pre-1:18, it adds a completely different level to the entire song. You really have something good going on here. Keep up the good work Cheers! Daniel J Rocha
  7. Thanks for the comments thus far =) I appreciate it. Lagoon is an action RPG released in 1991. You go around with a sword, dubbed 'the toothpick of doom' by many, slashing away at mobs. You also get some nifty spells to aid you. What really rocks this game in my opinion is the soundtrack, and the bosses. It is quite a challenge! I'm glad I hit a soft spot there Melodious, I did my best with the synth guitar. And yes, it is FL Slayer. I tweaked it out in FL studio to smooth out the rough edges and make it sound more guitar-like. Unfortunately, I am currently making due with what I've got, which is basically the stock instruments FL studio provides, and SGM-180. I'm making it my mission to get my hands on Komplete 8, but $559 is quite a steep hill for the time being. Would you have any other recommendations? Or is Komplete 8 something I should make a priority? Cheers! Daniel J Rocha
  8. Hello all! I'm fairly new to the community, and I've been enjoying my time here so far =) I've also recently just entered the VG music composition/remixing scene. One of the remixing projects I'm currently undertaking is "Rock on, Lagoon!". The entire OST will be remixed in the long haul. For now though, I've uploaded the opening sequence on my SoundCloud as a little teaser . Please take a gander and let me know what you think. For those that don't know much about Lagoon, more details are in the link. https://soundcloud.com/daniel-j-rocha/d-j-rocha-rock-on-lagoon Any feedback and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time! Cheers! Daniel J Rocha
  9. Incredible work! To you and all your friends and colleagues who contributed along the way, thank you! Needless to say, I'm loving the album. Sadly, I've never played through Majora's Mask to its entirety...but now I definitely will.
  10. Awesome. It has a very 8-bit, 'megaman', joyous feeling to it. As a matter of fact, bring on Baktun-man! 0:00-0:40 - The world moving along as usual, a nice neutral beat to portray this 0:40 - 1:00 - I really enjoyed the instrumentation here, the higher pitch synth was nice and clear, almost as if to tell people to open their eyes, the end is coming! 1:50 ~ The transition to the middle of the piece was well done, and does a good job of conveying a change in mood. I feel the deliberate change in mood and not tempo depicts an apocalypse everyone expected, and so, no sense of urgency was needed. Good stuff. 2:32-2:50 - ahhhh the fireballs, meteors, nukes, moons, stars (whatever) all come-a-crashing down! This is one of my favourite parts. 2:50 ~ conveys a nice "world restart" and here we go again world - the new calendar cycle! Overall, I like your interpretation of end of the world with this piece, keep it up =) Cheers! Daiko
  11. Ahoy and greetings to all! My name is Daniel J Rocha, but you may call me Dan, or 'Denden Daiko' or just 'Daiko' for short. For those of you who are curious, a denden daiko is basically a 'flammie drum'. An avid video gamer at heart, video game enthusiast, soundtrack listener, a saxophonist and all that jazz. I'm expanding into the world of video game composing and remixing. Since I was about 7 years old I've been singing, humming, whistling, and replicating sound effects of all my favourite games, so I figured...20 years later, enough is enough. I'm finally tapping into my creative side and composing music, and I plan to start remixing soon enough. I heard about OCRemix through a youtube video of the Mag2011 audio panel hosted by Andrew and Jillian Aversa, Jimmy Hinson, and Wilbert Roget. It was extremely helpful, and gave me great insight on how to kick things off, so mucho thanks to em Without further ado, I am pleased to join, and look forward to meeting all of you on the forums, and taking it from there! Cheers! Daniel J Rocha 'DenDen Daiko'
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