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  1. Hell yeah, Darangen's tracks rank among my most favourite! So good to have him back in business!
  2. Maybe I should post another version with a different instrument, heh.. I actually did choose that instrument because it resembles the one I remember. But yeah, my memory is kinda fuzzy here. I could try to recreate the other portion I remember of the track but that will be more diffifult because it is more complicated and I don't remember it well.
  3. Thank you guys very much for your help so far! Unfortunately it is not the Columns remix. I will check out the Tetris remixes although I think that it wasn't a Tetris remix. Edit: Okay update time. I have checked all the Tetris remixes. It's from none of those.
  4. Alright, I put it onto Soundcloud, here: https://soundcloud.com/sullivansc/whatisthis
  5. I would have attached it to my post but I was not allowed to. Is there any place you could recommend for uploading this to make it more accessible?
  6. Hey there guys, there is this melody, well basically 2 distinct small portions which have been haunting me for the last couple days. I am 99% sure that they are from a remix hosted on OCR, most probably something pre 2008. I recreated one of these portions with a music program but since I am an absolute amateur at this, some notes are probably off and tempo is most definitely not accurate. It is also pretty short. I hope that it is still possible to tell where it is from. Here you go: https://soundcloud.com/sullivansc/whatisthis So if anyone could help me by telling me where this is from I'd be very grateful. Also, I'm sorry if this isn't the right forum for this. I wasn't sure where exactly to post this. Thank you! Edit: From following hints and checking out remixes I can say for sure that it isn't from any remixes for the following games: Columns Tetris
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