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  1. I think the "Tavern" tune from Drakkhen would make for a good remix: It stands out to me because you were ordinarily met with really creepy music upon entering a house, but once I'd discovered this jovial place with the uncharacteristically happy tune I went back countless times on moneymaking runs between it and (I think) Hordkhen's castle. "Here, wandering merchant; I've taken more greaves."
  2. I love the Mother 2 soundtrack (unrivaled in my book, even by Mother 3), and this remix seems to capture the feel and uniqueness of said soundtrack. I'd like to add that - upon giving it a second listen - it also sounded vaguely Opoona-ish to me near the beginning (Opoona also boasts an exceptional soundtrack, so I've got nothing but compliments to impart lol).
  3. This remix inspired me to register for the OC forums so I could comment favorably. It's upbeat, fun, and distinct; almost like two of the happier tunes from FFVII were infused with the energy of the Super Mario Sunshine soundtrack (initially I thought Wild Arms solely due to the use of whistling lol). Remixes that make the listener(s) smile are a good thing.
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