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  1. Here's a soundcloud link to my entry for Knights Vs. Robots. Hope it's good enough. I've been having trouble with Discord outside of tech-school so I couldn't run it through my squad.

    It's already in WAV

  2. I'm here about "The Archaeologist's Journal". I'm an eccentric but hard-working remixer/composer of Electronic music (I use a mixture of Musescore and FL Studio). I know I've been asking a lot to join projects but this one also seems cool. Here are some examples of my style.

    First is a remix of "King Ghidorah" (Godzilla NES) I did for a recent contest.

    Second is an original theme I wrote for Axel (Kingdom Hearts) based on his character (I wrote everything myself).

    Finally here is a remix of "Elm Street" (Nightmare on Elm Street NES) I did in honor of both Ansem (KH) and Freddy Krueger . 

    I know this probably isn't what you want but I could get suggestions and modify my music accordingly. I also admit I'm not good at mixing/production (I have to do that myself) and might need some advice on that. Please consider me an option and possibly judge my music.

    I also choose Tomb Raider 2's "Venice Level" as my theme and I'll probably add to it plenty.


    1. Mr. Bottle Rocket

      Mr. Bottle Rocket

      You definitely need some help with your mastering, the lows are too low and the highs too high but nothing like doing and getting feedback to improve eh? Welcome aboard, just be ready to check back with us on a monthly basis. :)

    2. Ronald Poe

      Ronald Poe

      Thanks! Got any mastering tips?

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