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  1. Well I've finally come around to becoming a member of the site after listening/downloading/enjoying the mixes here for about a year. I'm Patrick, a.k.a. The_Kruzdawg, and it'll be nice to (eventually) meet you. Not sure what else to say; I'm here because I love video games and music. In fact, I'm an aspiring music teacher (as yet no permanent position) and play percussion as my primary instrument. I've also been known to sing (quality varies) from time to time. Anyway, Hi!
  2. One of the first mixes I heard when I discovered the site. And now that I've (finally) decided to stop lurking in the shadows and get an account, I wanted to say how much I love this remix. I sadly haven't played the game before (no Gamecube/Wii) but a lot of the original music is still familiar to me. There is something about this mix that always brings a smile to my face whenever it comes up on my iPod. The choir helps that in a big way, bringing a cheerful, almost innocent nature whenever it enters. I also really dig the flute (possibly ocarina?) treatment of the melody throughout. It lends a more organic feel to the music and makes it feel as if Link is sitting on deck playing the tune.
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