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  1. I've been listening to this on my playlist for years, I'm kind of embarrassed to finally comment on it now. It embodies the spirit of the game's story as well as the cadence and drive of the song from that level of PTR. Thematically well done, as well as just kicking ass if it was a standalone song.
  2. Extra Credits linked here in their latest Extra Remix post, and mentioned it in the video. I hope it gets this project some attention, because abandoned, unfinished, or whatever, it's still pretty cool.
  3. There needs to be more Rainbow Road remixes. I came here looking for that specifically. This one is great. I listened before I looked at the remixer, and thought "awesome, is this Stevo?" I love when we get Stevo's lyrics and vocals on a Level 99 remix
  4. OK, for the last three years this has been part of the soundtrack of my life. I've shared this with my friends (quote, "Durty is changing my life with this music"), and I think it's both exemplary of the best OCR has to offer, and proof that the experiment that OCR started can yield rich, tasty, and rewarding fruit. OK, it's not even just the best that OCR has, but the best that my ears have the option of listening to. This should be on the radio. All the radios. Do more like this, please. (Sorry it took me so may years to post Xp)
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