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  1. Like I said in the OP, I'm aware the arrangement's pretty close. I made it on my off time during artist's block and didn't really intend to submit it to OCReMix. I still probably won't submit it further, but I was curious about getting feedback. Also, the sidechaining on the lead is intentional and I'm happy with it as it is. Thanks for the feedback, though!
  2. Alright, I had the sense this time to make the new version a separate upload for comparison's sake. I'm not a wizard of EQing yet, so hopefully this is some kind of improvement.
  3. Err, sorry about that. I think I updated the mp3 file at some point too, so they can't really be directly compared anymore, that's my bad. Either way, I'll take a look at the kick, and thank you for the feedback.
  4. Sorry for the late update, but is this an improvement? I've been busy with other things, but I found the time to look over it and realized I was squashing the higher frequencies on a number of instruments. Hopefully this is cleaner.
  5. Thank you for the feedback! I can see what you mean about the mixing, comparing it to similar works over the last few days I noticed it's indeed kinda muffled. I'm gonna open it back up soon and see if I can un-muddle the frequencies a bit.
  6. Hey there! Thought this was as good a place to start as any now that I'm wanting to get active on the board. This is a remix I did around a week ago of a track I really enjoy from Sonic Heroes, the Emerald Challenge theme. It's mostly electronic and house influenced, and while I didn't intend it to completely branch out arrangement-wise, I think I got a few nice ideas in there. I considered throwing some guitar and bass work in there too, but alas, it didn't work out. Here's my mix. Gonna mark this as Finished since it was indeed finished by the time I posted it here, but I'm open to making improvements.
  7. Hey there! Had this account a while but never did anything with it; I'd like to start getting involved, but first I need the right artist name, haha. That said, my artist name is S0LV0 (that's spelled with zeroes), can I get my name changed to that? Thanks!
  8. Hello there, OCRemix! This is my first time posting after working through quite a bit of anxiety regarding potential feedback and whatnot; I've been producing as a hobby since early 2012-ish, and am looking to make it my "passion in life." Anyway, enough of that boring 'getting to know me' jabber; I'm here to post my work! So here's what I would consider one of my best remixes to date, a "Sonic Generations (Classic)" rendition of Sonic Unleashed's Windmill Isle (Day) track. It draws much inspiration from Hideki Naganuma's style of arrangement, specifically sampling from this track (Boarder 70 - Something Jazzy For Your Mind mix) on his Ollie King OST. It's also partially inspired from one DJ EAR's remix of Windmill Isle. The remix is considered complete at this point in time, but I have no qualms with revising it in any necessary way. I'm honestly very nervous about posting here for the first time as I said before, but I hope that any feedback gathered will help me grow and improve my skills. Please enjoy!
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