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  1. new torrent working, many thanks! this is really one of the very best OCR albums, congratulations!
  2. this album blew me away, don't even know where to begin the review except saying this album could create a river of gold btw maybe you know maybe not, torrent is broken, so no flac, only mp3s can be downloaded
  3. Same issue/error as evilaman on THE ANSWER - Armored Core Tribute Album - Impossible to download that album, this is sad because it's said to be among the best Having also issue on Missile Master, Episode 1 - Invasion Original Soundtrack Getting Error: Offline - Tracker authentication failed Impossible to download
  4. Loving track #7, All existence denied The piano part is killing me, the bests part of the original track are magnified extremely well, the voice effects are really nice. I love your work folks, it's obvious you have a deep culture of VG and put a lot of virtuosity in all of this.
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