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  1. Boy, wow, where to start... you know how some music you listen to just seems to have texture, like you can almost run your hands across it and feel the various bumps, dips, turns and intricacies? That's what this is like. I just finished listening to this song for about the 6th time, and each time I can follow a different line throughout the song, pick up a different piece of music worked into it. It's liek a new song all over again. Great work, I'm sure this was quite an effort.
  2. Wow. This is more like a musical journey than a remix! I really love how you melded the two styles here, putting all your orchestral samples together on top of the foundational techno bass and rhythm. Specific favorites are the breakdown at 3:17 into the drum and bassline, and then adding in the staccato piano in at 3:26 over the top of it. One question, what is the sample you are using at the very beginning and end of the piece behind the piano solo (say at 5:10 or so)? Call me stupid, but I can't figure out whether its wings flapping or feet stomping or something completely different Great job all around!
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