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  1. Will the proceeds go to John Means' gofundme campaign as well if I buy the album from loudr.fm instead of iTunes? I don't like iTunes.
  2. OCReMix lost like $200 of patreon. It was at $2970 a couple of weeks ago, just $30 away from reaching the $3000 milestone.
  3. What's happening with this month's reward codes? Have they been sent out yet?
  4. In what way is the FF7 - Voices of the Lifestream torrent updated?
  5. I have the exact same question in mind. Plus: Will the promotion codes have an expiry date? e.g. Will I have to use it within the month?
  6. I have tried to download these two tracks from all four mirrors. All of them result in the same MD5 that does not match the one listed on the download pages. Maybe the tracks were re-uploaded without updating the MD5?
  7. Oooooo… Does that mean we are getting the FLACs on Monday?
  8. Is it just me or track 1 is missing from that page?
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