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  1. I am not lying when I say the following: This is the best ReMix I have heard on this site. Maybe I'm a bit biased because I'm a Shining Force fanboy. Maybe I'm a bit biased because I've recently become a big trance fan. But when I listen to this ReMix, I get this amazing surge. Not to put down any other ReMixes, but this one is really out there. On another note, despite being a SF fanboy, I have yet to play SFIII much, mostly due to crappy Saturn emulation and a low-end computer, although I do have the game's OST. Of which theme is this a remix?
  2. Yay! A Phantasy Star IV ReMix! Yay! Although I don't approve of the track choice (Pain is a decent track in PSIV's soundtrack, but I think it has more interesting music), the ReMix is excellent nonetheless. It might be the PSIV fanboy in me talking, but like I care. Three thumbs up.
  3. Odd to see there's quite a bit of controversy over this one...I can honestly say I *love* it. While I'm no technical master when it comes to listening to remixes, I especially like the melody of Yoyo's theme under the uhh....other stuff throughough the remix. Uh, yeah.
  4. I get drawn to all that is Phantasy Star like a moth to a flame... Anyways, this remix is most definitely good. While I don't like the bassline that much, this remix makes me want to crack open a Vanilla Coke and remember the days when I was 8 or 9 years old and beating this game on rental...I recommend it.
  5. I like the remix...give it a thumbs up. But I think I could enjoy it more if I could actually tell what it's a remix OF. Not to be insulting, but I can't tell what the original music was for my life. It has been a while since I've played Suikoden, but can anyone fill me in?
  6. I picked up this remix on WinMX while trying to find the last track to the Phantasy Star Sound Collection 2, long before I even knew what OC Remix is. I thought it was awesomeness incarnate, but found it a shame that I'd never get to credit whoever made it (I'm not smart enough to check the ID3 tags). But, now I've found its place of origin... I give it three thumbs up. Yeah, I had to genetically mutate myself to do it, but it's worth it.
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