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    I'm a master's degree student at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. I'm also writing the soundtrack for Takamo Universe. http://www.takamouniverse.com/

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  1. I added a SoundCloud link in my first post. Here it is again for convenience: https://soundcloud.com/audiblade/do-what-you-want-sonic-2-remix-wip
  2. I'm writing a house remix of the Chemical Plant Zone music in Sonic 2 called "Do What You Want." https://www.dropbox.com/s/63eabzfvw24cd9u/Do%20What%20You%20Want.mp3?dl=0 https://soundcloud.com/audiblade/do-what-you-want-sonic-2-remix-wip I know that there are a lot of Chemical Plant Zone remixes on OC Remix. What I think my remix does differently is, the original song has a classy sense of fun about it, and I tried to capture as much of that classiness in my song as I could. I'm planning on submitting the track to OC Remix after one more pass of editing. Do you have any criticism for me?
  3. ARRANGEMENT / INTERPRETATION Great arragnement! PRODUCTION [X] Too quiet The mix looks slightly quiet. It sounds great relative to itself, but it might sound quiet if it was played alongside other tracks with a more typical mix. PERFORMANCE (live recorded audio/MIDI parts) Nothing to complain about here. Great use of delays and modulation effects to create a lush sound. STRUCTURE [X] Pace too plodding This is definitely a lot slower than the original. I think that's deliberate, though, so if you don't want to speed things up or give the song more energy, what you have is great. PERSONAL COMMENTS I really enjoyed this remix! Your even-keel arrangement gives it a reflective emotion. I noticed that there aren't any abrupt changes in the arrangement until about 1:09, when you switch the lead synth playing the melody. Keeping things that consistent and building up so slowly, along with the slower tempo, creates a relatively calming emotion for electronica and makes the arrangement very emotional. I'm really impressed by your production! The one thing I have to say is that the song seems a little quiet. Like I mentioned about, it doesn't sound quiet with itself, but when I listened to another song from a career artist right afterwards, I could tell that your song was a little quiet in comparison. I think that if I put your song in a playlist, I would find myself increasing my volume a little just for your track, then turning it back down afterwards. There's one moment at 3:12 where the song has levels more comparable to what I'm used to. On SoundCloud's visualization of your track, it's visibly the loudest point of the song. I don't think you want to remaster the song so that the whole track is that loud, but most of your song is significatnyl quieter.
  4. Can I please change my username from Audiblade to Kevin North?
  5. Looking over the submission guidelines for music, one of the required pieces of information is my remixer name. I'm considering deleting this account and creating a new one with my real name (Kevin North) and then submitting music under my name. Is this acceptable, or does OC Remix prefer I use a pseudonym?
  6. Quick question: Is it considered kosher to play OC Remix music on turntable.fm?
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