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  1. Many thanks for the feedback, Gario. Back to the mixer!
  2. Necro-ing my own thread after a long hiatus. This needed some compression and remastering. Here's the result: https://soundcloud.com/tonalysis/outphase-sync-tonalysis-mix Changing this to mod review.
  3. Thanks for the help, everyone. I've done a remastering pass and marked the tune Finished. Comments on the new version would be appreciated! https://soundcloud.com/tonalysis/outphase-sync-tonalysis-mix-version-2
  4. This is a great improvement! I agree with timaeus that the ending still needs work. You've started setting up a great build starting around 2:30, but the guitar and synth lines through the build are all the same as they were before. This is your chance to go nuts! Nice work. Keep going!
  5. Nice! You took a very repetitive original and did some good stuff with it. I agree that it's very quiet. Makes it sound a bit flat. Related to that: I think you could stand to brighten the sound on all of your lead synths, and maybe the piano as well. Bring out those high partials and make those important parts stand out! The embellished melody at 3:20 is good, but I feel it could do more. That section should really build to something great at the end. I love the fact that you're switching up the drum patterns and not just doing the same thing over and over. Overall, good stuff. Thanks for sharing!
  6. A fun tune that you've spiced up a bit. I like it! A couple of things I noticed: 1) When the snare is exposed at the beginning, the heavy reverb is very noticeable and sounds a bit odd to me. Once the other parts come in, though, it doesn't bother me, so maybe the heavy reverb was your intent. 2) I really like the heavy-vibrato lead sound around 1:10. 3) Since you're playing the lead on guitar for much of the song, I think you have a great opportunity for embellishment. For example, maybe around 2:20, you could play a melodic solo based on the original melody line? Just some food for thought. 4) You probably already noticed this, but there's some serious line noise at the end that you'll need to clean up. Overall, I like the arrangement. Thanks for sharing it!
  7. Hi there. A few things strike me about this: 1) You've changed the notes on the downbeats in the bass line, and it impacts the way the ear hears the harmonies, IMO. The very first note in the original is a low C#, establishing key unambiguously. Your first note is a B. 2) The delay on your lead sounds a little funky. At first I thought it wasn't properly synced with the tempo, but it sounds like it actually is. I think the problem is that it's way too prominent. I'd suggest turning it down or darkening the sound or something like that. Right now it's distracting. 3) Toward the end of the chorus, there's some harmonic clashing. You may want to spell out the chords you want there and make sure that there's no problem notes. 4) The pad chords during the chorus are a little too loud and muddy. The arrangement is good, though perhaps a bit on the conservative side. Perhaps some kind of solo would be good? Either before the last chorus or as an outro? As for capturing the lead voice: why do you want it to be the same? However, what the original did was probably some kind of combination of square waves that are slightly detuned from each other, and with the upper partials really spiked. That's just a guess, though.
  8. Hi all. I've got a nearly-final draft of a remix I've been working on for a while. It's of my all-time favorite DDR tune, Sync, by Outphase. Original: Remix: https://soundcloud.com/tonalysis/outphase-sync-tonalysis-mix-version-2
  9. Hello. I noticed on the OCR forum that a few years back you compiled a list of DDR songs that would be eligible for remixing on OCR. Unfortunately, the links are now dead. Do you still have such a list anywhere? Thanks.

    Jeff Morrow

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