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  1. This is a lot of information, thanks to everybody for sharing their opinions, I noticed that you were mostly focusing on orchestral libraries, but which ones do you recommend for synths and electronic sounds? Again I'm just gathering info because at the moment my economy doesn't allow me to spend on instrument libraries (yet). I don't consider myself a total noob when it comes to music, but "professionally" producing a track is something that I am new to. My biggest worries are like I stated before, getting good sounds, and then learning to equalize/masterize. I don't know any of that either, and don't know where to start haha. Here's something mine, not totally finished but was done in garageband and now I just changed instruments in logic to see how it sounds. Actually there's both versions in sound cloud, garageband and logic. For example here, I would love better saxophone sounds.
  2. Hello Everybody! So I finally was able to upgrade to a more decent laptop and I'm moving from garageband to Logic Pro X (choose logic because of similarities with garageband) My question here is, where to start regarding music samples and libraries??? Logic pro has some sounds that come with it, but they don't sound awesome except for the drum sets (in my opinion) I did some research on google and on the forum, and I'm overwhelmed with all the results and sounds, samples and stuff available, from free to expensive ones, I don't know what to do. Of course I'm looking for the free stuff because I don't have the money to spend and because I'm just starting to seriously try to produce my music. I would like to ask for help, if someone could point me to the best free sounds or samples available. What do YOU use? My music doesn't have a genre in specific, I have influences from classical, latin, electronic, rock, pop, and more, so I'm looking for sounds from all "popular" instruments like brass, woodwinds, strings, bass, guitars, and of course synth and electronic sounds too. If there's a thread or discussion with this information that I didn't see, please point me to it. All help is appreciated, thank you for your time and I hope to share my remixes soon. (also need to learn some equalization and masterization, so info on those topics is welcome too)
  3. It's been a long time since I checked the post. I think nobody here in OCremix is thinking about stealing, we are more interested in sharing the music we love with the world.
  4. Lol, chill dude. Thanks everyone else for the opinions and info, I did this just to share my thoughts and to learn a little more. I will check the other threads. For me the money is the least, I was just curious about that aspect, I do it for fun and because I love music. Also I learned a new word: "snide" haha thanks.
  5. Thanks to all of you who read my entrie post. I get your points and I totally agree on that you should never rely on music as a living. I do it for the fun and obviously if in the future I can get some kind of reward for it the that would be great. Another of the main doubts I have is about the legal stuff. I mean, can anyone play/record game tune covers and (try to) sell them? sell the song? sell the cd album?
  6. Hey everyone I'm currently 26, and been a fan of vgm since I can recall, It all started in the SEGA genesis with sonic themes. I'm in love with video game music because of so may reasons, and mostly with OLD generation consoles, which have really catchy melodies and sounds, things that I don't find in new generation games, because with all the electronic advances, music now is more "real". I'm talking about chiptunes mostly. Aside of that, lets get to the point, I hope you all can enlighten me a little bit. I have always had the "dream" of having a band that plays covers of old themes (NES, SNES, SEGAgen, ps1 and earlier), adding my/our own touch to each song to make it unique and more rich just like the remixes on this site. My question is: is it legal? is it right? is it possible to make profit out of that?Not that I mean to rip-off the artist and their music. What I want is to reach out to more people and make them know there's a whole world of video game music, and of course, do it for fun and if possible, get paid/rewarded for the effort put in. I think the songs could always be offered as free in the social media, internet, etc, to avoid copyright infringement, but, is it ok to get paid to perform on stage on events? to "sell" the band? or how does this work for us that love playing game themes? I saw this guy that does covers of game themes in mariachi style in youtube, and he sells the songs on iTunes, is that legal? can anybody do that? I have been trying to find some information about all of this but have not been succesful and don't know where else to look around. Also, it makes me sad that when this happens: Someone -"hey what type of music do you listen/like?" Me -"almost anything, but I'm really into video game music above all others" Someone -"oh yeah like super mario and that righ? (sings theme) turu tu turu tu" *conversation ends or subject changes* That's why I want to make more people to know the vgm world. This post enden being way longer than I expected, I think the reason is that I feel there will be a lot of people here that will understand me so I thought I would just let it all out. Also English is not my first languaje so sorry for any mistakes. And if you took the time to read all of this, thank you for your time.
  7. My mistake, I don't want the actual "game sound effects" but rather the music sounds, so I can compose music in sega genesis style
  8. I'm looking for sega genesis sounds, specifically sonic 1, 2, 3, 3&k I have searched and searched and I'm kind of frustrated because I can't seem to get anything to work on garageband, because that's the only program I have at the moment. I have found the Ultimate Sega Genesis Soundfont but garageband wont read all the different instruments in the .sf2 file, I need to split the instruments to separate files, but after trying that, they would have no sound. I have searched forums and nothing really helpful either, maybe now that it's the end of 2015 something has changed...? I hope so! If you know something please share it!
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