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Found 12 results

  1. This is gonna be part of an album of SEGA Genesis music, all in Crystal Clear mode. Criticism welcome.
  2. Hello guys! Just want to show you my arranged version of "Jewel Master", the awesome, incredible music of the first stage of Sega's Jewel Master on Genesis. I'm calling this "Jewel Master Gold". I mainly use my Korg Triton classic to play every part and most of the instruments. I used one or two extra instruments from my Soundblaster AWE32 collection of SoundFonts (to this day I use Soundblaster with SF2 hardware support, love it since the 90s!) and used one instrument from the YM2612 on a latter part of the song. I play and perform every part on MIDI sequencer, I use PowerTracks Pro since 1992 to this day. Hope you guys enjoy my arranged version!
  3. https://youtu.be/CKcqx6JwrkM Since I'm almost a pure Nintendo player, the Sega world is kind of new, except for Sonic of course. But I never really played anything else from Sonic than the very first game, so Sonic 2 is new in every way for me. I was very surprised by the soundtrack, every song has so much potential! And there were some songs I just couldn't let go of, Chemical Plant was one of them. And I will grab more for sure! I would say this one goes under blues, funk, maybe fusion of some kind, and I really took advantage of those genres by tweaking my synthesizers to sound like instruments used regurarly in those genres. Dry, fast, max attack, not much effects except for the lead with some delay, and the bass with a heavy chorus effect (just like some of the 80s synth basses which I love). I wanted the remix to be very recognizeable from the original in many parts, but with some enhanced harmonies and fills from new composed lines. And then a completely new section - I'm not sure how I came up with it, it often just starts with one chord off from the original and then my head is spinning loose with countless ideas of which I just grab one and write down. For some reason I took some inspiration from Dream Theater starting at 1:22 - I think I would refer to it as an John Petrucci part where all things calms down, the tempo goes down to half and there are these extended tones from his singing guitar playing a beautiful melodic solo, maybe along in harmony with Jordan Rudess' wizard like keyboard play. The chords kind of follows how Petrucci would have wrote them too. Overall I just loved working on this song, the original is so catchy and fun. Really love this style and tried to extend it as much as I could without trashing the original too much. I already got suggestions on other Sonic themes, but would love to have some more. And if you know any more songs in this particular style I would be very interested in hearing them. /Neon X
  4. When the Sega Genesis port of Fatal Fury 2 was released by Takara in 1994, I got a copy as quickly as I could, and spent many hours (too many lol) playing the game, honing my skills with Mai But the Sega Genesis port of Fatal Fury 2 was good for more than allowing me time at home to practice before going to the arcade. the Sega Genesis port of Fatal Fury 2 not only features some of the best music arrangements on the Genesis hardware, but arguably features a better soundtrack than it's SNES counterpart, especially when it comes to Mai Shiranui's stage theme, "Enryuujin" aka "Flame Dragon God" While the SNES version is to be appreciated for offering a funky bass groove, and instrumentation that closely matches the Neo Geo MVS version of the theme, the Sega Genesis take on Mai's theme has a fat, driving bass line, a punchy snare drum, and SO MANY shamisen arpeggios!! The polyphony of the Sega Genesis version of "Enryuujin" is so impressive that I feel it rivals Yuzo Koshiro's work on Streets of Rage 2, which is no small feat My arrangement draws many cues from the Sega Genesis version of Mai's theme, chiefly the bass line and use of arpeggios for polyphony, but differs in how the arpeggios are played, the inclusion of an entirely new drum pattern, and the addition of wood block percussion and a taiko drum. Also of note about my arrangement is the rhodes piano harmony I played over the bass line. Oh, and for those curious about the title of my remix, "Kagerōnomai" is a Japanese phrase that roughly translates to "Dance of Heat Haze," and comes from one of Mai's most famous super moves. I had a lot of fun creating this remix, so I hope you all have even more fun listening to it Kagerōnomai Source
  5. My piano remix cover of the ecco: the tides of time title theme. I recorded the different voices all with the piano and combined them later, so it has a similar feeling to the original version. I only played the first few minutes of this game but I played through the first one and was very impressed by it’s dark and mysterious tone, even after so many years. But man, I guess it’s the hardest game ever made, even with cheats I barely got through it - but it was worth it!
  6. When I was a kid, Thunder Force IV was one of my favorite games to play on the Sega Genesis!! Like most who have had the joy of playing the game, I adored the soundtrack immediately. I know most folks are partial to the heavy metal themes from the game, but Space Walk is the music most memorable to me, so I opted to cover it instead of popular pieces such as Lightning Strikes Again or Evil Destroyer (plus I'm terrible at gallop picking lol). I sequenced this in GarageBand, but only the drums, bass, and piano are stock software instruments. I used Zebra2 for all the other synths because the stock synths in GarageBand weren't up to the job, and I was too lazy to try and configure my own patches lol. If only Apple would open up all of Alchemy for GarageBand, and not just Logic X (>_<) This piece is a little intimidating to arrange, not only because of the odd time signatures, but because the Technosoft sound team pulled off some tech wizardry when creating the tones they used to arrange this piece. I wasn't entirely sure I could produce something that sounded comparable, let alone "better," but I think the end result of my efforts is a solid modernization if I do say so myself (^_^) I won't be submitting my arrangement, because I realize it has too little variation compared to the original, but I thought I'd still share this with the rest of you! Song Title: "Superluminal" (Space Walk Remix) Originally Composed By: Toshiharu Yamanishi and Takeshi Yoshida Arranged and Performed By: The Native Dialect BPM: 110 Style: Synthwave/Progressive Jazz Time Signature: 7/8 - 4/4 (bridge) Hardware: iMac Software: GarageBand, Audacity, Zebra2 Superliminal Source
  7. Good News everyone! Looks like Sega has decided to go with M2, so emulation won't likely be a problem with this one. Also, it will use the 3 button layout, unless you go with the Japanese version. So far only 10 out of 40 games have been revealed, which includes: Altered Beast Castlevania: Bloodlines Comix Zone Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine Ecco the Dolphin Gunstar Heroes Shining Force Sonic The Hedgehog Space Harrier II ToeJam & Earl https://iearths.blogspot.com/2019/03/the-sega-genesis-mini-comes-home-this.html
  8. This is my replica and alternative mix of "Memories of Puyo Puyo" made in Reason 8. "Puyo Puyo" was released for Sega Genesis / Megadrive 2 in 1992.
  9. Check Out "Ice Cap Zone (Dance Remix)", which is a dance remix of Ice Cap Zone from Sonic 3...bring this to any party! Enjoy! Hope you like! https://youtu.be/GvzQE-5mmVM
  10. I'm looking for sega genesis sounds, specifically sonic 1, 2, 3, 3&k I have searched and searched and I'm kind of frustrated because I can't seem to get anything to work on garageband, because that's the only program I have at the moment. I have found the Ultimate Sega Genesis Soundfont but garageband wont read all the different instruments in the .sf2 file, I need to split the instruments to separate files, but after trying that, they would have no sound. I have searched forums and nothing really helpful either, maybe now that it's the end of 2015 something has changed...? I hope so! If you know something please share it!
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