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  1. Thank you for your review Rozovian. No need for a full mod review; this track is no longer in production. It ended up being more of a headache than it was worth. I've moved on to other, non video game related projects. You can queue this thread for deletion if you wish. Regards, antiPLUR
  2. Here is the "final" version. I feel its done at this point, and I don't want to make any more structural changes. I ran it by some non musician fans of the original and they seemed to like it. I'm happy with the mixing, so I'm not sure that there is much else to do. Let me know your thoughts. https://soundcloud.com/dichter/mecha-sephiroth-those-chosen
  3. Thanks for the info. I love the original song so I'll probably finish this one regardless, but its good to know ahead of time whether or not it will be disqualified.
  4. I don't think this qualifies for OC but I started it this morning and thought some Borderlands 2 fans might get a kick out of it. I think there is some rule about remixing songs that are featured in a video game but aren't VG music. If anyone is aware of the particulars on this please post here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikCta6AF1Vs
  5. Changed this back to Work-in-progress status. You can hear the latest revision here: https://soundcloud.com/dichter/mecha-sephiroth-those-chosen
  6. There was an unnecessary delay on a return somewhere. I removed it. If you are talking about the "alarm" like sound in the very beginning, it is supposed to be that way. I fixed many of the resonance issues above. As for the "bit crushing" (which actually isn't bit crushing at all or even sample reduction but I'm not going to get into my synthesis techniques) I removed some of the shrillness and made it clearer but I want it to be somewhat jarring. It is about a robot after all The leads have been changed to strings, and some EQing has been done I did make the vocals slightly clearer by adjusting some of the release times, however I don't want it to be too intelligible. Its supposed to have a "cylon-like" aesthetic Timing should be fixed, let me know if you still hear this. The muddiness should be resolved as well Please elaborate, I'm not sure what issue you are talking about. Is it a stereo phase cancellation issue in the lows? It seems rather mono compatable to me although my monitors don't have a sub. I will consider this. ATM I am happy with the arrangement. I'd like to see what some others have to say about it. Leads changed to various string instruments. I'm hoping the original "uncanny valley" issue is resolved; they sound ok to me but I'm not able to work with a real orchestra so there are limits to what I can do. Not sure whether to be offended or not by this statement. It did start as a joke but I've put quite a number of hours into it at this point. Thank you.
  7. Thanks, that's a lot of good advice I'll get to work on it.
  8. When I try to click the "go advanced" section of the first post in my thread (to change the status) it just gives me a message that I need to select a post to quick reply to and doesn't let me change it. (Moderator Flexstyle was kind enough to change it for me but suggested I post here)
  9. Ok, after a lot of hard work, fun, and many more energy drinks than is healthy for human consumption, I finally have a working draft of this remix. https://soundcloud.com/dichter/mecha-sephiroth-those-chosen
  10. Ok revamped everything. Instead of having an excision transformer noise feel it now has a more mechanical Steampunk sort of feel. Changed the strings to beeps, MAJORLY beefed up the bass. Let me know what you guys think about the changes. https://soundcloud.com/dichter/mecha-sephiroth-those-chosen
  11. I am aware the the sub bass really needs to be cranked for this to work properly, this is really just a preliminary proof of concept and I mixed it without a sub. I will look into the problem of the melody not being apparent enough and try to find a solution that addresses the "uncanny valley" issue at the same time. Thank you all for the suggestions *edit* wow that link of that other mix sounds really similar, especially the vocals. I wonder if I should change this one up a bit. :/
  12. Hey you posted something about your "badass" compilation in my WIP thread for "Mecha Sephiroth", but I am confused as to why. In your thread it says you can not use a main boss theme, and it actually uses "One Winged Angel" as an example of something you can't use, which is the source for "Mecha Sephiroth". Would you be interested in having this song on the compilation?

  13. The lyrics give the song real character and really made me go "Wow" when I first got to that boss. I understand we can't use the source, so I found a solution for not having a choir that I think you will enjoy Now working on the strings I updated the link in the original post, here it is again https://soundcloud.com/dichter/mecha-sephiroth-those-chosen
  14. The choir acapella was extracted from the game. TBH it will be a lot easier to mix properly with it omitted so I don't really have a problem doing that. Everything else is original (well as original as you can get for a remix). I will see about messing with the strings and brass; They are most certainly fake sounding Nero did an orchestral dubstep piece but he worked with the BBC philharmonic and I don't exactly have an orchestra available. I may go the "make it more fake" route as you suggested. This was actually more of a joke than a real remix but since there is some interest I may finish it. I was on an Excision kick and figured "Why not?". The bass is super fun to design.
  15. Just me having a little laugh in Ableton Live. Let me know what you guys think so far. I may not finish it as this song has probably been remixed to death at this point but hey at least this one is unique. https://soundcloud.com/dichter/mecha-sephiroth-those-chosen Regards, antiPLUR
  16. My new EP containing "The Meltdown 2k14" and "Shotgun Sally" You can listen to and purchase it here: http://antiplur.bandcamp.com Regards, antiPLUR
  17. Take a look at his blog, which gives the illusion of being informative with production advice and such. He has a list of "Top 5 instrumental Albums You Should Own" and lists his own at the top. I'm not saying that this isn't a valid (albeit sneaky) way to market yourself, but it is antithetical to the purpose of this forum. *edit* It appears he has removed the link from his signature. You can find the aforementioned blog here http://tymeworkbeats.com/blog/ *edit2* I forgot to mention a registrar lookup of this blog lists its owner as Brynton Durant, quite obviously the OP. But yeah not a big deal like I said its just a dishonest way of promoting yourself. The music is actually not bad.
  18. Some of my weirder stuff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBeOnUM0tc8 I guess it would be Electro Industrial *edit* Somebody DMCA'd my video based on the picture I used so I re-uploaded it with a different one and had to change the link.
  19. Thanks, Yeah I probably should have added a breakdown. Ive never been much good at those
  20. First off, huge pet peeve of mine and I'm sure many others will agree: Don't come onto a forum pretending like you are sharing someone else's work when its your own. A simple registrar lookup blows your cover right out the window. That being said it is an interesting release. Not my style but the production seems solid. If you want people to be honest with you about your music, you should be honest with them about it as well, don't you think?
  21. Ah yeah I was going to post it in the original category but it said "Non-videogame related songs". I will post a soundcloud link in that forum; I figured more people were probably familiar with youtube. Thanks for the info. *edit* Looks like you already moved it. Thanks
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofzDjjgb6qs& Enjoy and let me know what you think. *edit* If you prefer soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/aaron-dictor/hylian-fountains
  23. This is my new track inspired by 80's cyberpunk stuff. Enjoy. http://soundcloud.com/aaron-dictor/fight-the-future-instrumental
  24. With regards to the limiter on the snare I would have to recommend against it. It is likely that you will be limiting the master of your mix and that will squash the transient as it is. In addition I do some waveshaping to my snares and this also can affect the transients. Compress aggressively if you must but save the limiting for the end. Also, I would recommend against adding heavy compression or limiting to the drum bus as you can get ducking etc. These things work for me so I do them. If you can find a better method that yields better results for you then by all means do it. Somebody mentioned parallel compression and I would highly recommend looking into that as well.
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