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  1. Have good music play whilst I have conversations with people, or if I do something cool have Rules of Nature from MGR:R kick in
  2. Haven't been on OCR forums in a while and this is what I miss... dag nabbit!
  3. Hello good folks of OCR, my name is Ben Parrott, I'm Nineteen I live in the peak district in sunny England, I joined OCR in the hope that talking to others would inspire me to start writing music whether it's working on an original or a remix, I have a fair amount of experience playing music, I just lack experience working with DAWs and haven't got a lot of plug-ins to work with. And my recording equipment is getting a bit outdated to say the least. When I'm not listening to music I'm working as a tour guide down Peak Cavern where I make yarn rope, which is quite fun actually. When it comes to
  4. Hmm would be interesting to see what some one would do with that flight of the bumble bee-esque sections.
  5. Ernie Ball Standards 10-46 Dunlop Tortex 1.14 mm, depending on what I'm playing I will sometimes just file off the sides to make more of a point.
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