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  1. Have good music play whilst I have conversations with people, or if I do something cool have Rules of Nature from MGR:R kick in
  2. Haven't been on OCR forums in a while and this is what I miss... dag nabbit!
  3. Hello good folks of OCR, my name is Ben Parrott, I'm Nineteen I live in the peak district in sunny England, I joined OCR in the hope that talking to others would inspire me to start writing music whether it's working on an original or a remix, I have a fair amount of experience playing music, I just lack experience working with DAWs and haven't got a lot of plug-ins to work with. And my recording equipment is getting a bit outdated to say the least. When I'm not listening to music I'm working as a tour guide down Peak Cavern where I make yarn rope, which is quite fun actually. When it comes to music, I listen to a lot of NWOBHM and Thrash, my favorite band has to be Iron Maiden, if I ever do start a remix project it will mostly have either Maiden of Megadeth elements. but I will hopefully diversify my work in different genres like gypsy jazz and some other cool stuff. Anyway I hope that I can help out with some projects in the future and help make me become a better musician!
  4. Hmm would be interesting to see what some one would do with that flight of the bumble bee-esque sections.
  5. Ernie Ball Standards 10-46 Dunlop Tortex 1.14 mm, depending on what I'm playing I will sometimes just file off the sides to make more of a point.