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  1. i agree. i'm working on it, i think i really exaggerated on a first try, thanks!
  2. lol i really thank you for your comment bro, i wasn't expecting anyone to enjoy this... and YES, you're right mate, that also why i've posted BETA at thread title, exactly because i was looking for people with more experience to give me some advices, btw ty... gotta improve it and then i'll submit. thanks!
  3. guitar pro is accepted? if yes, i'm up! PM n ill help!
  4. hey bro i'm new to the forums... i play guitar... if you want just PM me and i'll help
  5. hey bro I got an idea for this one... but idk if you would like it like as kind of ahardcore+heavy metal
  6. Hey guys wazzup? That's my first ever ReMix, check it out and tell me what you guys think... link to original song: link to my remix: http://www.4shared.com/mp3/ZpFsdyMj/Lufia_2_-_Beyond_the_Azure_Ski.html thanks!
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