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  1. that's actually fairly close to what I was hearing in my head when I thought this req up! just speed it up and with a bit more orchestra to it, you'd pretty much have it!
  2. So I've taken some time to think about my last big idea, and -- more or less -- retooled it. Instead of a separate website, or branch of the original, we could make it a series of releases. Releases where we reach inside the original artists head, and try to pull out what was originally there, before they modified it to fit within console restrictions. So to start, it wouldn't be strictly orchestra music [unless it fits the style of the original game and the music in question]. A few examples: Outrun would be more of a Smooth Jazz album Solstice would be a mix of Orchestra and Rock Werewolf:
  3. So I had this other project on the forums on my mind, when I got to thinking that the "Castle Music" [from Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos] would sound really good if someone could redo it in the style of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I put a link to a Youtube post of the track I have in mind: I'm thinking Mr. Brandon Strader could pull this off as a collab with someone who does orchestral/arrangement-style music, though anyone is welcome to try!
  4. I have to admit that the title caught my attention! This is probably partly on account of me reading it as "Bubble Bath Wily". That conjured images of... well... "Bubble Bath Girls" where all the models heads were replaced with Dr. Wily's. Sometimes my imagination gets away from me! The mix itself is pretty nice. It conjures -- at least in my mind -- the imagery of a club-type setting. Or a couple's skate at the local rink.
  5. I'd like to see an "Official Video" for this. Something that parodies ZW's intro even more. That'd be Uber-epic! LOL! great job to all involved!
  6. Whoa! I didn't know about MREO, so many thanks for that! As far as "druming up interest" goes, I may give it a shot. With my current limitations, I couldn't really do a whole lot as far as organizing an album. I have no internet at home, and barely any real "free time", due to other responsibilities. I will admit, I didn't realize the request forum could be used for requesting an entire album. The way the rules are written, it sounds as if you can only request a single track per thread, or at least that's how I read them...
  7. Eh... I guess I should've figured this would get shot down. Oh well, thanks for your time and replies, at least!
  8. I'm not necessarily wanting a separate site, but more of a "niche" splinter site. By "movie score", I'm not necessarily meaning orchestral music*, specifically. I'm actually thinking of something that, in a manner of speaking, channels the mood/feel of the original piece, and the setting that it's used in, and, in essence, creates the music as it would have/might have been, if the artist didn't have the restrictions of 32-bit and earlier consoles. And when released, the music could be used for fan films, possibly after paying a [hopefully, relatively small] licensing fee, payable to OCR, or a
  9. I apologize if this is in the wrong sub-forum, as I had to kinda guess where to put this. This idea has been floating around in my head for a while, but I'm not sure how well it'll go over. I'd like to have sort of a side site for an "OCRemix Movie Scores" kind of site. The general premise is to take game music and make movie score quality music, releasing them in collections based on the game they're from. The only real rule for the music would be that it has to stick to the general mood of the game that it came from [e.g. Super Metroid would be mostly dark and foreboding, Mario stuff would b
  10. This idea came from a conversation I had with a co-worker... We were talking about music we like to play at our respective funerals, when I said I like to have a medley/montage of "Game Over" music played for mine. The first few songs I thought of were as follows [in no particular order! LOL!]: Super Mario Brothers [NES] Metal Gear Solid [PSX] Legend of Zelda [NES] -- (..actually the "Save, Retry, Quit" screen...) Sonic 1,2, and 3 [Genesis] -- (And I don't remember if 1&2 use the same ditty, or not) Sonic and Knuckles [Genesis] Maximum Carnage [sNES/Genesis] Of course I realize this quic
  11. Would that qualify? I'd love to hear some of those, if they exist...
  12. :shock:Whaaaaaaat? I avoid sports games like the plague, and I've heard of this one! Though I have to admit, I've never played it for very long....
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