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  1. Well no crap the higher notes seem staccato, you're pitching up one sample. Use mda Piano from www.pluginspot.com. That'll sound the same at all pitches.
  2. Make sure the peak base volume is set all the way down and the peak and peak decay amount is all the way up. Also make sure you're linking the channel to the controller in just peak, not LFO or Peak and LFO, just peak. Also, make sure the channel under the peak controller's volume envelope is properly set! tsk tsk tsk, you were using a snare as a gate. make sure you use things that can hold a note!
  3. The porta knob under the misc tab doesn't need to be automated really. It's used to specify how long a slide should be. Check the porta checkbox on and start putting notes right next to each other in the piano roll and you'll hear the slide. As for automating other things like cut/res on stuff or volume/panning, etcetera just go to a new pattern, name it so you know it's an event for something and then go to the knob you want to automate and right click it and click edit events. Then edit the automation to your liking... when finished just place the pattern where in the playlist you want the automation to be triggered and it should work. Note: not putting automation all by itself is generally a bad practice because it sometimes won't work the way you want it to and stuff.
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