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  1. Thanks for your input. The thing is that I have an idea as to what I'm looking for, but I'm not skilled enough to make it happen. The lead is for the most part where I want it. I personally like leads to be at just the right level to where you can still hear distinguish the individual notes, pitch modulation/bends along with the characteristics of the sound itself without overcoming the rest of the song. I am trying to bring in both the bass and the kick in, but if that's not possible I'll just have to try a few of your suggestions and see what works.
  2. I've been working on a short electronica type of piece for a friends youtube channel, and I have the sequences and performances recorded, but I don't know alot about mixing. Here is where I'm at now https://soundcloud.com/chlysm/take-9 Which I think is an improvement over this from last night.. But I'm really not 100% sure of what I'm doing so some feedback would be nice.
  3. This is a short piece that Ive been working on for a friends YouTube channel.

    I'm pretty satisfied with lead performances, but I think my bass line sounds muddy and I can't seem to get rid of it. I'm at the point where I need a break because I've been hearing it too much.

    BTW, I'm not peddling for YT hits or anything. The video is unlisted and untitled.


  4. I am a little too early in the process of composing to be sharing this right now, but I feel the need to make sure that I'm complaint with the rules here before I proceed any further. This remix is primarily going to focus on Divine Bloodlines ( ) and Bloody Tears (link). A friend pointed out to me that my prelude (intro) sounds like the song Aerials from S.O.A.D. ( ). That wasnt the intention even though I'll admit that it does sound pretty close. And it 1:55 you can hear that I literally combined Bloody Tears and Divine Bloodlines. To avoid repletion, I decided to harmonize the lead from divine bloodlines and change a few chords. But other than that I feel like it may not be enough deviation from the original material. I also want to make sure that nobody else has though of doing that. I listened to some remixes and I haven't found anything yet. But they work so well together that I find it a little hard to believe that nobody has though to do it. Im still in the composition phase, and so what you're hearing right now is just a midi file written with music notation software. I added some reverb and little things so it would sound listenable to an extent. My plan is to perform and record most of the tracks while others will be recording using FLS. I also plan to recruit a real bass player who can play the bass line. Thank you in advance. Encore of Blood Link to entire song (prelude included) Encore of Blood link to the other part in question.
  5. Just a suggestion in regards to the lead. I think something like this would be more appropriate as a lead for what you arranged. It's not perfect, I just recorded this impromptu to give you an idea of what I'm talking about http://www.mediafire.com/?42g545d62hfewcd
  6. I think the percussion could use a little more variety.
  7. You must be a DT fan. I can really hear the influence in the song structure. The beginning reminds of "Beyond This Life" and "The Root of All Evil". Being a prog rock fan myself. I can appreciate all of the tempo changes, odd meters, etc. I really like it.
  8. I really like it. But I'm not a jazz guy. I like some jazz, but it's hard to critique because jazz is a very freeform style of music as opposed to the more formal styles that we are accustomed to. The only thing I could say is that the composition sounds mechanical, and perhaps you could incorporate some other instruments like a clarinet, or an organ..
  9. For the lead, I would recommend something more powerful. The drums sound really good and as said before, I think you could work on the transitions a little bit.
  10. This is also loosely based on this classical piece by schubert. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12xe2osfq1w
  11. I really like Unbreakable Gaiden. I feel like Arctic Toads could be a bit faster by about 5-10 bpm
  12. Derp, I always accidentally check private when I mean to check unlisted... Fixed now TY for the feedback
  13. Link to Remix Ok so I was working on something else, but I decided to go for something more simple as my first remix. I was having trouble keeping the right balance between source material and original material so I decided to compose first because If you couldn't tell, this is just a composition and not a performance lol. I found a little program called notation composer that lets me write midi files using standard sheet music notation. It was a godsend for this project. Normally, I write music as I perform. This makes it easy to write music without the keys in front of me and stick to something more specific if needed. What you hear is going to be the core composition. I'll probably have a prelude that builds up to this lasting about 30 or so seconds. This is loosely based on a classical piece. Somebody should be able to pick it out .
  14. Perhaps a safer alternative would be a netbook or possibly a mini PC to guarantee that I can run my VSTs. Although a touchscreen would be nice to have so I can operate the controls and stuff better.
  15. So I just got back from a gig I do for some local cons, and I'm looking for something to replace my Roland Fantom X7. I've been dabbling into VSTs more and more lately and I would like to either get an iPad to run VSTs or possibly a netbook if iPad is not an option. The thing is that I'm not entirely clear as to whether iPads support ALL VSTs or just the VSTs that are developed for iOS (iPad). The main VST that I'm interested in running is this (link). As for midi controllers, I would like to find a good 76(ish) key semi-weighted midi controller that isn't too big or heavy. I originally got the Fantom X7 for travel so I wouldn't have to carry my Yamaha Motif XS8 which weighs about 100lbs in it's case. But I'm getting more and more dis satisfied with the key action on it. Everything I play on it ends up sounding mechanical because I'm used to fully weighted keys.
  16. REMIXED http://youtu.be/SuEcDrWWkP4
  17. Will do. I do suppose it is a bit short. I just didn't want to invest too much time into something that may or may not work out. But listening to some other ragtime pieces has given me some more ideas.
  18. Never even attempted a remix before, but I had an idea of taking Castlevania's Heart of fire and applying a ragtime(ish) feel to it. This is only brief clip, I just wanna know if this track might have something going for it. As for the part at the end. I wasn't sure if it sounded better with octaves or chords when I made it. In hindsight, I think the chords sound better. No need to sugarcoat anything.
  19. Hmmm somehow I could almost imagine that going well with "One Winged Angel" Both of them use chromatics and have a similar overall feel.
  20. On another note, what would you recommend as a good 76 key semi weighted keyboard and/or midi controller. One of the reasons I got the Fantom X7 was for travel because my Motif XS8 weighs close to 100lbs in it's case which is burdensome lol. But I have trouble with unweighted keys. It's nice for lead, but I find it difficult to play anything piano oriented. I know that weighted keys will mean a heavy keyboard so perhaps semi weighted could be the compromise in giving me the control that I need.
  21. I've been lurking here for a while and considering making a remix of my own (not sure what I'll remix yet). On the side I compose and perform keyboard tracks and stuff for people I know online and in the real world. I performed the all of the piano and string sounds on the next two tracks. They are just demos and are completely raw, as far as I know they are currently working on mastering the tracks. This last one is a work in progress. A friend of mine whose in a metal band wanted me to compose a short prelude for a metal song on their next album. This was done in one take and so it's a little sloppy at the end. I usually try to record my ideas immediately so that I don't forget them.
  22. I played a Kronos years ago when I was shopping for synths. I don't recall being too impressed, however they have probably succeeded a couple of generations by now. What sold me on the Motif originally was the key action and the quality of it's acoustical and orchestral sounds. I purchased the Roland shortly after which I like for more synthy sounds. About a year ago I went to a local music shop (which doesn't carry Korg) and checked out the Motif XF and the Fantom G. The Motif XF honestly didn't seem to be very significant improvement over it's predecessor. The G however did have some better sounds, and I think the keys also had a better feel. Although at first glance it seems like they fluffed up their snyth banks by loading a bazillion brassy sawtooth sounds most of which could be achieved by a single voice by changing the cutoff and reverb, Might check out a Kronos next time I swing by a Guitar Center. It would be nice to say that I have all 3 major brands lol.
  23. Thank you. I can't believe that I never knew of VSTs until recently. I do most of my work on my 2 keyboards. (Yamaha Motif XS8/Roland Fantom X7) Had them for about several or so years now and I love them both. Kinda sorta been thinking about upgrading to a Fantom G series.
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