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  1. Here A New Remix, An Sonic Modern Remix: Click the Image to Hear the Song!
  2. Hey Guys, I love Making Music, so here a New Rocking Song: Click the Image to hear the Song!
  3. Thanks for the feedback, it could be for need for speed game xD
  4. Hey Guys, This not a Remix, but is an Cover: Click it to see!
  5. I really wanted to make a Song Fun, and I am a Maniac for Slapping Bass! x3 and Thanks for does Words, Glad u Liked
  6. Thanks, Glad u Liked xD There going to be more different types Music in my SoundCloud
  7. Hey Guys, Here another Composing, tell me what u think: Click the Pic to hear!
  8. @Paul, Thanks for those words, I really appreciate. And is ok, u can use the tracks xD let me know what u going to do with it. It will be more Just Wait! :D

  9. Thanks, well thats the first thing i think when i go to the beach, Relaxing and Fun xD
  10. This a New Song for another Sonic Fan Game, Please give a Like: Click the Pic to hear!
  11. Hey guys here i new Composing made by Marvin(me), Joshua Taipale & Joshua Minor. I made Almost All. xD Enjoy Click the Pic To Hear the Song
  12. Training in making songs with Kirby SoundFont, i think is good. What do u Think? Click the Pic to Hear!
  13. You Like Guitar rock/Electronic Music? This original track is For U! Click the Pic To Enjoy the Song!
  14. Hey Guys, im new here, so i was going to let u see what i can do, Enjoy! xD Click the Pic to see it!
  15. This Sound beautiful, what programs u use?
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