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  1. I had to write my thoughts for this track, since I've consumed it beyond counting by now and it's well-deserved. This is my favorite track in all of OCR, and IMO one of the greatest pieces of music I've listened. That's a powerful statement, and I say it having listened to a lot of music. I think most remixes are quick to dive into the main tune that they're mixing, but this track ambitiously takes its time, and pulls it off well. The main theme doesn't even start until about a 1:45 in, after they're done perfecting an intense intro with wicked drumming. At that point when the actual tune becomes transparent in the track, I was already obsessed. I didn't think it could get any better until they return to the softer tune around 3:00. It just couldn't get any better, I don't know if I've heard anything else that satisfies my ears in just the right way at the right time; this does it. I think it's a perfect blend of instruments, tunes, masterful timing, and nostalgia. I still get blown away by the delivery of this remix, when I blast it in my car or apartment. I just can't believe how this was made in 2004 and I missed it all these years. Major props to Zircon and Tefnek.
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