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  1. Finally, i decided to share this sound hope you enjoy it! https://soundcloud.com/zathoz/gate
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoAn1SawRTM
  3. some hours of hard work and night without sleep Feedbacks are welcome!! https://soundcloud.com/alan1st/spacetime
  4. I made this sound inspired in RPG musics, thanks for listening! link: https://soundcloud.com/alan1st/peace-village
  5. Hello guys, I think there are still some final adjustments. I would like to get some feedback, so i can to be sure that i'm on the right way. https://soundcloud.com/alan1st/final-fantasy-battle-remix
  6. Hello people,I'm Alan and I'm glad to be part of this community, I am at the beginning of the career of music production, and I hope to learn a little bit every day with you, and if you need, I'll be happy to help
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