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  1. This was on my todo list for a long time. Finally I made a cover/remix of one of the greatest videogame soundtracks of all time: Parasite Eve! It is the stunning main theme of the game, featuring my favorite parts of the short and orchestral theme. I added some deeper tones and dramatic voices. Hope you enjoy it!
  2. This is my piano cover of the Hero Quest Ingame Music from the Amiga version. I made a cover of this 14 (!) years ago and it was very well received so I revisited it and recorded a new version. Hope you can feel the heroic fantasy mood with this. Thank you for listening!
  3. This is one of many themes I composed for a hypothetical mystery adventure game. (This song is also a loop, that's why the ending seems a little sudden.)
  4. Hey everyone! I'm happy to share that as of today, my name is officially attached as "composer," not "remixer," to a 100% original game soundtrack. It's an indie game, but still, I had a blast stepping into RPG mode and crafting the various map themes, battle music, castle, shop, and church tunes... lots of good stuff. I'd like to invite you to give it a listen, and let me know what you think! (Also check out the game, it's out on Steam and actually pretty challenging.) https://mazedude.bandcamp.com/album/mazequest-2-original-soundtrack For your listening pleasure, the album also includes several bonus tracks that didn't actually make it to the game, and, a whole bunch of chiptune concept pieces. I'm not a keyboard player, so drafting in 8-bit seemed like a time-friendly way to present thematic ideas without getting hung up on samples and such. Have fun comparing the chiptunes to the final orchestrated pieces; some are very close, and some changed a bit during the orchestration. Enjoy!
  5. Yuzo Koshiro really does some great music & I wish there were more RPG music on this site besides Final Fantasy & Chrono Trigger. Original Remake
  6. NES Version SNES Version
  7. Finished up a 2nd video using footage from our recording session from late April. This time we play Shoji Meguro's "Beneath the Mask" from Persona 5, which is both a favorite of ours to play as well as a crowd favorite from our shows. Over the last year I've digested more of Meguro's catalog than any other video game composer--I'm excited to have completed this particular work and released it for your enjoyment. Also, similar to my "Corridors of Time" arrangement, I snuck in a quote from another one of this game's tracks, as well--let me know if you catch it!
  8. Hey, everyone! Late last year I posted some live clips from my VGM/jazz group, The Hard Modes. Since then I've written a bunch of new arrangements for the group that we've been playing locally, and about a month ago we recorded some of our repertoire. I wanted to share the first of the bunch with you--the beloved "Corridors of Time" from Chrono Trigger, written by Yasunori Mitsuda: I never really intended to arrange this tune, especially because it seems like a lot of people cover it (and cover it well!). But, I kept hearing it while I was at MAGFest this year and was infected by the groove so much that I felt like I had to give making something unique a shot. The resulting arrangement is pretty straight forward with the exception of some harmonic variation and the incorporation of 3 additional Chrono Trigger melodies therein. Hope you enjoy, and would love to hear your feedback. Thanks for listening!
  9. I'm working toward making a good enough demo track collection to pitch myself as a composer to indie game dev teams, and I'd love your feedback! I want to specialize in 2D "non-realistic" games (JRPG, Puzzle, Sci-Fi, etc.), so right now I'm putting together a few battle themes. Here's the first one, where I was going for a "regular encounter" theme that would fit in a game similar to Final Fantasy 5 or Golden Sun. It would mean a lot to me if you take a listen and drop a comment or a critique to help me know where I'm at and what I need to work on! Uncompressed MP3 Link
  10. Hi everyone ! I am currently redoing the soundtrack of the famous game "Mario & Luigi Partners In Time". I hope you will like the end result !!
  11. A pretty little track from an underappreciated game.
  12. Here's a quick rpg theme I recently composed. It is supposed to emulate a scene where the protagonists of the story are reflecting around a campfire and under the stars (hence the sequenced synth at the beginning and the end). All feedback is welcome :D.
  13. Even though I haven't made them in a while, RPG battle themes are my absolute favorite. This one was inspired by the works of Yuzo Koshiro in Etrian Odyssey. https://soundcloud.com/schematist/calm-divide-rpgjrpg-battle-theme
  14. Hey there, my favorite Twitch streamer (www.twitch.tv/bakihanma20) was streaming gameplay of Secret of Mana 2 the other day, when he suddenly broke into a spontaneous freestyle rap, over the in-game music, while playing the game. It was a really cool, unique moment! Warning: Lots of N-Bombs, F-Bombs, and other offensive language in this video. It's mostly harmless, but some people may get offended. Anyways, enjoy!
  15. One of my favourite games of all time with an awesome soundtrack. My brother recorded some funny footage to go with it. 6 Sonics on a killing spree... I may do more of this soundtrack in the future in different styles. Let me know what you think of it, thanks!
  16. Hey there, I'm making a concept album for a TRPG, Leviathan Stadium Tactics. This track is for one of the optional battles against a legendary fighter, so you can recruit them. The song's finished, and I'd really like some comments, crit, all the good stuff. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy.
  17. Hello, Here I am to present to you my new piece "Heat of Battle", a theme I hope is fitting for some oldschool RPG monster slaying ! Its not yet where I want it to be mixing-wise, as im pretty much learning the ropes, and I hope i can receive some advice from you guys to improve myself. In advance, thank you ! Here we go:
  18. Hello to OCREMIX Community. This is Marcel Gherman alias Megatone, a musician and prose writer. I wish to present you my album Realms of The Cosmic Tree, in the style of old school Japanese fantasy RPG games. The album is inspired by my science-fiction modular novel Multiverse and my cycle of fantasy prose Chroinicles of Pandava. Last track on the album is a short fragment from an audiobook based on my fantasy story The Path to Avalonia. Enjoy! https://archive.org/details/arboruniversalis
  19. Request remix for, specifically, the Title Theme to Betrayal at Krondor or a mashup of the game's soundtrack that captures the spirit of the original while re-awesomifying it. If anyone's keen on doing more that'd be amazing. Thanks for reading. Title Theme: Full Soundtrack:
  20. After I got second place in that RPG project, I did some thinking. Why can't I host a remix contest? The idea is that each member chooses a video game piece they like and create a RPG field/town theme out of it. It can be anything from an RPG boss theme like "One Winged Angel" to "Gourmet Race" (Kirby)". However it can't already be a town or field theme. Round one will be a remix of the chosen theme and Round 2 will mix that theme with an original composition/beat I will provide. Message me if you want to participate. I'm sure this will be a lot of fun. The summery will provide most of the rules but if anyone would help me with them, it'd be appreciated. I'll judge the field themes myself but would prefer a second judge. Have a good day.
  21. The ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016 The ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016 (rRPC 2016) is a ReMix competition in which participants assume the roles of heroes and villains from role-playing games such as Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger, and use those characters’ themes in a series of rounds. Participants will be divided into two brackets, one for hero characters and another for villains. The Hero Bracket will represent the quest of an RPG hero as the participants arrange their character themes with sources associated with events such as visiting a town or exploring a dungeon. The Villain Bracket, however, will directly pit its participants against one another as they combine their own theme choices with their opponent’s. In the end, only one hero and one villain will remain to determine the fate of the land. News: The ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016 has concluded. Congratulations to our winner, Ghetto Lee Lewis, and to our runner-up, Ronald Poe! I created a spreadsheet that contains YouTube links to all the sources that have been revealed so far. It can be viewed here. Previous rounds: Hero Round One Villain Round One Hero Round Two Villain Round Two Hero Round Three Villain Round Three Final Round Rules: - Participants may select one character theme that they will use for the duration of the competition. If your character has multiple themes associated with them, you must choose only one. - Collaborating with others regardless of whether they are participating or not will not be allowed unless otherwise noted. - After clearing Round One, the Party System will be unlocked, which provides participants with an additional character theme that may be used in place of the theme you signed up with. Participants may not use the party members of their current opponents in their mixes unless otherwise noted. - The Party System is not available during the first round. It will also not be available during the finals. - Voting will be open to everyone and will last one week per round. - There are no restrictions regarding musical styles or genres. However, if you submit a mix with lyrics, please include the lyrics in your submission PM so they can be included with the music for that round. - Be sure to follow the Competitions Code of Conduct, as well as the guidelines for OCR submissions. - Have fun making awesome music! Set-up: - Everyone’s starting positions will be determined randomly before the beginning of the first round of their respective brackets. - Each match-up in the Hero Bracket will be given a randomly determined source track associated with the theme of the round (i.e. town themes, dungeon themes, etc.). Each hero must make an arrangement combining their character’s theme with the provided round theme. Heroes do not use their opponent’s character theme. - In the Villain Bracket, each participant must make an arrangement combining their character’s theme with the theme of their opponent’s character. - Mixes will be due one week after the start of each round. The Party System: The characters selected by the participants are not the only heroes and villains that will appear in the rRPC 2016. After the first round has been cleared, the heroes and villains will cross paths with other characters that will join them on their quests. These character themes will be distributed randomly in the appropriate brackets and may be used in place of the participant’s character theme. Party members will not be allowed in the final round between the Hero and Villain Brackets. Sign-up: - Sign-ups for the rRPC 2016 will last for two weeks beginning on Monday, May 2nd and will end at midnight EST on Sunday, May 15th. - You may sign up by PMing me (FenixDown) a list of 3 characters related to the bracket you wish to enter in (Hero or Villain). Character themes should be listed in order of preference with your first choice at the top of your list. - If you are undecided at the time of signing up or have no preference which bracket you are entered in, please provide a list for each bracket. Anyone who does not make a clear choice by the time sign-ups close will be sorted randomly between the brackets assuming both brackets have available openings. - I would also like the lists to be posted publicly in the thread to give other participants an idea of what character themes are being considered to help reduce any possible conflicts. - Submissions should be typed as [“Game Title” - “Character’s Name” and “Theme Name” - “Hero or Villain”]. - Only RPG characters will be accepted. If you have any questions regarding a character’s eligibility, ask me. - Based on the first rRPC’s turnout, I am aiming to have 16 participants (8 heroes and 8 villains). Voting: Voting will take place in the Public Voting forum. For each round, a thread will be created with a poll for each match-up. Voting will last for one week unless otherwise noted. Everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to vote regardless of whether you are a participant or not. When voting, the most important thing to consider about each mix is how well it incorporates and arranges the sources used. Production quality and your personal enjoyment of the mixes should also be considered before placing your vote. Participants are free to vote for themselves in their own match-ups. Please do not post your reviews in the voting threads, instead include them in a single post per round in the main compo thread. Music Submission: Please send all entries to me (FenixDown) via PM on the forums with a link to a trustworthy hosting client (like Dropbox or Soundcloud) and I will download your mixes from there. I will only accept submissions sent in WAV format. Please do not send MP3s, I will encode the MP3s myself. All file names must be in the following formats: For Heroes: ReMixer - Mix Title (ReMixer’s Character Name & Round Source Name).wav Example: FenixDown - Tonedeaf Terra (Terra & Tone of the Town).wav For Villains: ReMixer - Mix Title (ReMixer’s Character Name & Opponent’s Character Name).wav Example: DarkeSword - Kefka Beckons (Kefka & Lavos).wav When using a party member, replace your character’s name with the name of the party member. Any mixes that use provided source themes should use the Hero Bracket’s format while any mixes that use two character themes should use the Villain Bracket’s format. You are free to capitalize your name and mix title however you like, but please properly capitalize the character names and source theme titles. I will not accept files that are not named properly, repeat offenders may be disqualified if it becomes a problem. FAQ: What is the schedule for the rRPC 2016? How will the rounds be divided? The first Hero round will begin on Monday, May 23 at 12PM EST and will last for a week. Then on Monday, May 30, the first Villain round will begin and the previous round’s voting will also begin. The two brackets will alternate weeks for mixing (Hero: June/6, June/20; Villain: June/13, June/27) until only one hero and one villain remain. The final round will begin on July 11. The schedule may be subject to change depending on circumstances. I will try to be as flexible and accommodating to people’s needs as I can, so long as it remains fair to the other participants. What games can I select my character theme from? You may select your character theme from any RPG. They can be Japanese RPGs, Western RPGs, Tactical RPGs, Action RPGs; if it’s an RPG and it has music, it should be fine. What is the criteria for what characters I may use? You are free to pick any character you want, as long as they: 1) are a playable hero or a villain from an RPG, and 2) have a theme that is recognizably their own whether in name like Terra's Theme from Final Fantasy VI, or in association like The Red Wings for Cecil from Final Fantasy IV. What if my character changes sides in their game’s story? Which bracket should I submit them in? You should consider how often the character in question is working alongside the heroes of the game opposed to how often they act as an enemy. Characters like that could technically fit in either bracket. Magus from Chrono Trigger would be a good example. Does my villain have to be the final boss of his/her game? While the final boss is usually the main villain of their game, you are not required to pick them if there are other villains available. For example, Sephiroth is the main villain from Final Fantasy VII, but you (or someone else) could just as easily pick Rufus Shinra or Jenova. You could even choose to run as a minor villain like Don Corneo, as long as they have their own theme. How are you going to choose the round source themes for the Hero Bracket? What about party members for the Party System? I will be using a randomizer to decide which match-ups of the Hero Bracket will receive each source track out of a diverse list I have compiled. The same applies to the Party System, I have a fairly large and diverse list of possible characters for each bracket that I will pick party members from at random. What if the character I want to run is a spoiler for his/her game? If simply running a character as a hero or villain is enough to spoil the game they are from, you should consider a different character. I am not a ReMixer but would like to contribute. What can I do to help out? I will definitely be in need of artistic people who can design the brackets and signature images for the participants. We did not have signature images for the first rRPC so that would be nice to have this time. Knowing how to use Photoshop would be a big help. If you are interested, get in touch with me or post in the thread. Getting the word out and bringing in people who might be interested would also be a great way to help.
  22. This poll is for determining the winner of the ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016. On the Hero side, we have Ghetto Lee Lewis (Leliana), and on the Villain side, we have Ronald Poe (Xehanort). Both finalists must combine their theme with Master Porky's Theme from Mother 3 with the option of including their opponent's theme as well. You may download the Final Round mixes here. Please refrain from posting in this thread. If you want to post a review of the tracks for the round, please do so in a single post in the main thread for the rRPC 2016. You may vote for yourself in your own match ups. Please consider the quality of the arrangements when casting your votes, along with production value and your personal enjoyment of each mix. Voting will be open until midnight EDT on Monday, August 8th.
  23. until
    Voting for the final round of the ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016 has begun. The finalists, Ghetto Lee Lewis (Leliana) and Ronald Poe (Xehanort) combined their sources with Master Porky's Theme from Mother 3 and now it is time for the people to determine which of them will defeat Porky and become the new champion of the rRPC. You may find a link to the mixes and cast your vote here. Thank you to everyone who took time to follow this compo.
  24. until
    The Finals of the ReMix Role-Playing Competition 2016 have begun! Ghetto Lee Lewis (Leliana) and Ronald Poe (Xehanort) are not only pitted against each other, but also the character who won the first rRPC: Porky! Both finalists must combine their character theme with Master Porky's Theme from Mother 3, while also having the option to include each other's character theme as well. Who will defeat Porky and become the new reigning champion of the rRPC? The finals end at noon EDT on Monday, August 1st. For more details, follow the link to the compo thread.
  25. until
    The Bonus Round of the ReMix Role-Playing Competition is open. Compo participants may take their character and/or party member theme and mix that with any of the sources that have come up during the compo (excluding the finalists' and Porky's Theme). There are no restrictions and collaborations are allowed as well. For those who did not sign up for the rRPC 2016, you are still allowed to participate in the bonus round. All you need to do is pick out a hero or villain theme that isn't already claimed by the participants, and combine that with any of the sources used during the compo. For more information, follow the link to the post in the compo thread.
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