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  1. Haha, I didn't mean it that way. It's just that all the current images that came out of me still have the sorta spikey looking head in it, so nobody could have known about that little design tweak. So I'm just giving a heads up, just in case anyone actually cares.
  2. I haven't got much time to reply to everything I've wanted to reply to, but I just wanted to say that you guys are awesome and I love you all. ;o; In a uhh, very manly way. *cough* This may not be very important, but, I just wanted to make one quick note: in the sprite guitar I see the spikey looking head. Well, after trying a few different things, we felt the guitar's head should just be normal, like the one seen in Pixietricks' guitar earier in this thread. Just for reference, here's what the guitar will look like, it'll be the one without the tetris blocks, and there will be a regular head on it. I'll try to draw a proper pic of it later, one that doesn't look like a child's doodle. D: (Edit: didn't mean for it to sound like I'm nitpicking or telling anyone what they should be doing - please read below.)
  3. facepalm.jpg Oh god please god please just stop it. It's shit like this that makes many artists just not want to post anything on the internet anymore.
  4. You're right, and I'm very sorry. I don't know what I was thinking, that pic of mine looks like a toddler in spandex. Only a total pedophile would like it. Here's my attempt to make up for it: a more mature look and more realistic proportions. Meet the new OCR-tan: ;P
  5. Ow wow, totally cute. xO I want to draw her too, sometime.
  6. Hai guise, there's been some more progress on the "official" orc-tan/ocr girl thing, so I thought I'd bump this for the hell of it. D: Sorry I'm so late with this, but first of all I wanted to say: OCR-tan cosplay? OMFGFRFXDGFFGXFGHJ!11 that is maybe the most epic thing I've seen on the internet ever. Second, I wanted to share an up to date version of my old design, because that old one sucks and should be forgotten forever. I like to think it's an improvement, anyway. ): This is what she looks like now: And here's some doodles/character studies: http://home.wanadoo.nl/blackmyst/ocrtan/ocrtstudy1.jpg A design for the guitar (looks a bit crummy but it should get the point across. Also, the head will look different): http://home.wanadoo.nl/blackmyst/ocrtan/ocrtguitar2.jpg And another doodle I did in Opencanvas which has numerous problems (like the guitar and the way she's holding it), but it's just a doodle I thought worth sharing: http://home.wanadoo.nl/blackmyst/ocrtan/ocrt-2008-3-28.jpg
  7. Personally, I don't care whether the language is correct. It sounds great, that's good enough for me. You don't see the Japanese caring about anything other than the coolness factor of the English language do you? *cough*engrish.com*cough* I must be honest and say that the "ooah's" sounded a bit strange at first, and I feel that maybe replacing only those (not the "hah's") with an instrument, would have been good. That said, after repeated listening they felt to be blending in with the rest of the music better.
  8. God. Yeah, you can argue about the pros and cons of this project all you want - fact remains I can't bring myself to change my playlist, I'm completely and utterly stuck to KiC. Some of my favourites include ... the hell, I'd just be naming the entire list anyway, screw it. Seriously, I've been sitting here for five minutes trying to name a favourite, to no avail. They're all awesome. You d00ds are great. Please do keep it up. (Yes, Chekan Winter rawks. So does Faunaphobic, Idols of Hanuman, Clouded Mind and Ringing Ears, Cry of the Chasmal Critter Chain...and also... I GIVE UP.)
  9. Maybe this sounds strange but....I can almost taste the music in this piece. So relaxing.
  10. To me, this was easily one of the best tunes in RE2, maybe even the best, despite its very short length. Ok, maybe I'm just consumed by nostalgia but damn does it feel good to listen to this again. The original was a deeply sad, gentle tune. The remix transforms it into a deeply sad, "dangerous" tune, sort of. And I must say, it works very well. Props.
  11. Wow. Just wow. (isn't this the third post starting with wow? The mix sure deserves it) I love the music of this game more than any of the BoF games, maybe even all games I've played. But apart from the shot of nostalgia, the whole extra epic feel you added just give me goosebumps (especially the part with the battle sounds....even though many people didn't seem to like em that much. then again, I'm not an audiophile ). Personally, I think it's just epic enough. Beautiful.
  12. This was always my favourite Mana song. Who could've ever hoped CotMM would remix it? To me this seems to be perfect source material for the general mood his songs create, and even though this one's a little different, it's beautiful.
  13. I'm not an expert on any of the technical stuff. But I can say one thing: 00:38 gives me the chills. Worth adding to my collection if only just for that part. I really like the whole piece though.
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