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  1. Player Phase 1 is hands down my fav track from my game, followed by the main theme. I actually plan on doing remixes of both songs here before the end of the year
  2. Really really like this track. I feel it's a tad to long though. The first half is excellent but I think the 2nd half sort of trails off on some different ideas that don't benefit the rest of the song as much as they could. As for mixing I would bring up the Piano chords in the first 30 seconds a tad bit, the chords really bring out the melody and I think bringing up the piano in the mix would emphasize that. After 30 seconds it seems as if everything is a little more even, I can hear the piano better.
  3. I am digging the bass lines in this song. It ends rather abruptly though. I feel like from 2:25 onward you could of ended it in quite a few other places.
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