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  1. 2 years baby!!! Not much else to say....how you doing 2015 YoshiBlade?

  2. Hey Mark! Have you found a star to work with yet?

  3. open mic night? Right on man!!! I'd love to hear what you've got going on! Willy Stage over done? Forget whether something is overdone, just make sure your version is done well. Trying for a swing mix?.....hmmmm well I've always wanted to try an electroswing, so if you're feeling saucy hit me up with a WIP.

    ps here's the finished Pokemon TCG remix I was telling you about back in Dec.

  4. Hey Nick, just wanted to check in and see how that free flowing Mega Man remix idea is going?

  5. No, I don't have any remixes posted, I am the proud recipient of my 3rd no-contest rejection letter, just yesterday. That's ok though, gotta keep on it just rememberstruggle_by_ommin202-d61dr9s.png check those midi files, if you're having trouble figuring out a song, the midis provide a nice piano roll ( some of them will translate into the sheet music too) and you can slow them down and play along with them, but first you gotta find the right DAW!

  6. Greetings way ward traveler! I maybe incommunicado for a bit( few weeks), but i'm gonna try and check my inbox as much as i can so if i don't respond immediately I apologize.

  7. Ok, so it sounds like you've got an understanding of what needs to be done to make a multi-sourced VGM mix, so now immerse yourself in the source and see what you synthesize, play it over and over, and a path will make itself known, good luck! Pokemon TCG= The Card Game

  8. Oh Topman for sure, but Hardman was strange as well, plus the Boss Select Fanfare was different, so that threw me off. "Unseal" arrangement...those are some big shoes to fill, but aim high, if you've got the chops on the piano, then make the time. I heard your Star Fox remix and you've got some frame work going, but still needs like a hook or something to pull the listener in. The DAWs I've got are good, but the price tag can put people off. I saw you're a student, that's worth a discount on many DAWs out there, saves you 100, maybe depending on the one. My advice would be to try the ALL and find one that gels, seriously demo them all and then find out what kind of discounts you can get! Right now I'm working on a Pokemon TCG (Game Boy) remix and (as I type) I'm trying to figure how I get this Snakeman Mix up and running again. It really feel like I'm spinning my tires on this one, but thats how the goddess of inspiration works, capricious, but she favors busy people.

  9. Allo, allo! The mix has stalled ( dramatic music).....( dramatic pause) For now i've switched gears over to Cubase from Reason, and the Snakeman mix is in Reason. I still want to work on the slithering, slow style of a electronic mix, but ( I just opened the mix and am currently listening to it), Hmmm...maybe I can Rewire it to Cubase and get some really FAT drums up in there......Yeah those drums are good for a slow kind of burning beat, hmmmmm either way, I'm not done with Snakeman by any measure. I was psyched, but megaman 3 and me have a rocky past. I love half the RBM, and the others where a little to far fetched, buuuuuuuttttt Protoman is in it and Rush.

  10. HA! When I read you post I was like "that awesome, someone taking the time to ask about a remix" Then I saw the Snakeman avatar and....well....allow this to sum it up


  11. Hmmmm......I just had a thought.....when you feel resistance from something, take care that your the trout swimming up stream and not the person driving the wrong way in heavy traffic.

  12. (Continued Part 3) It's weird how for you the Games come first and the music second, but that just keeps it in perspective, don't just play the adventure make it part of your own....ok I'm starting to get a little hackneyed, so 1 year and going, I hope to come back in a year and say Gezzz! I can't believe I wrote that?!?! Well at least no one saw it. Stay up there kiddo!!!

  13. (Continued) Im not sure if talent is real( I've never really felt the effects of talent, but you can be damn sure Ive felt the effects of hard work, staying up all night, copious amounts of caffeine, anger at the fact you've been sating at a screen for 5 hours and done maybe a 10 sec loop that you're going to save and never see again, but cmon guy you keep pushing you've got other responsibilities to yourself and others, but this is something that drives you. You can't really choose the direction your winds blows, but you can just sit by and enjoy it or try and utilize it to go places, even if no one else cares, you bought the ship, you learned to sail it, you chose the cardinal direction, now if the wind is at your back or on your face, side to side or dead still you chose to leave the harbor and It feels like others are rushing by on a breeze you can feel, you gotta do it your way, row if you have to!!!!

  14. So year one, ehh, well as a message from the past.....How you coin YoshiBlade? I don't know if you'll even read this in a year, but one year on and I know you'll disagree but you have made some baby steps forward, but there's plenty of work to be done, it gets harder the higher you ascend . I know the air gets thinner the higher you climb and its cause for some alarm, that 10 steps near the top of a huge mountain are worth 100 steps at the bottom, but I feel like you've got the goods to keep slogging to out. I know that the set backs will try and push you back, but you've got this, when you made a resolve to get posted you knew this was Judge's YES or bust, so Don't get discouraged.

  15. So Im not sure if anyone reads these, but you know the art is the goal here and the anabolic nature of VGM remixing require of me that anyone who takes the time to listen to my mix, has (in my view) a right to better my mixes or better their mixes if I have something they view as necessary or a benefit to their mix/art. So I guess what I'm trying to say here is, if you would like to collaborate my preemptive answer is yes or if I have a particular sound(drum, synth, effect, etc.) you would like to utilize please, for the better of our genre, ask and I'll do what I can to help.

  16. Ha! my avatar kind of sums me up, just a square.

  17. OH!? Wow you actually came here?!?!?......uh...... (ok, keep calm and type something witty and charming)..........I once ate a Snickers bar I found on the ground........

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