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    Hey! I'm RayMaynard, and I've been playing various instruments since I was a wee lad of seven! I've also got into composing for someone's webshow, and hope to do music for other peoples' webshows in the near future! I'm also open for collabs if anyone's interested. Last time I counted, I can play over fifteen different instruments, so I'm very versatile in a lot of areas! I'm also on Soundcloud with a trio band called Three Single White Guys (or 3SWG for short). Check us out if you want to hear some of my Indie Tracks (I might upload some of our group songs in the near future). As for here, I'll be uploading remixes (and hopefully some original tunes inspired by games such as Earthbound, F-Zero, Link to the Past, etc.)!! And... yeah. That's pretty much it!
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    Ken Macaulay
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    Musician, Novelist, Artist, Voice Actor, Filmmaker
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    Ken and Cam's Gaming

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    Vocals: Male
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    Synthesizer, A Sax, Accordion, Percussion, Ocarina
  1. I think you should send it anyway. It doesn't hurt to try; especially if it's your song! Those douchebags have NO RIGHTS WHATSOEVER (except for those fake rights) to steal what's rightfully yours. That's just me.
  2. I'm still new on here (even though it's been, like, a year since I've been on), and I haven't posted anything yet. When I do, do I have to pay a royalty for the remixes and/or covers I made? I'd like to know, because, of course, I don't want to get sued. Does anybody know?
  3. Ah, ok! Do you need to learn some kind of basic programming language? And how would you do all that in Notepad? Can you send me some links for all that? That would really help me out!
  4. Try getting yourself a copy of The Real Book. It has tons of Jazz masters complete with chords. If you need anymore help, or want some of the tunes to go with them, Skype me (toddalopex).
  5. Can anybody help me make a soundfont? I'm trying to make one with either samples from real instruments or samples from various video games. I need to know if there is any free soundfont maker software and any tools for ripping the sounds and samples from, say, N64, SNES, PS1, and Gamecube games?
  6. I use a USB mic myself. It cost about a hundred dollars Canadian. MXL Tempo. Quality's SUPERB, but it'd get even more superb if it came with a pop filter! I'll bet there's cheaper options than this, but hope this helps.
  7. Welcome to OCRemix, Honzo! I'm new here as well (even though I've been on for only ten days!!) Hope to hear some of your stuff!

  8. Alright, everybody, hear this! Do you think remixing Fly in the Freedom and Dry Lagoon from Sonic Adventure 2 would sound good? I'd really like to know if it's ever been done before just in case it doesn't get accepted because someone already did it.
  9. Ok. Thanks anyway! I heard that William Kage is working on a Donkey Kong Country soundfont. Ever heard of him?
  10. Hey, guys. I have a bunch of soundfonts, but haven't been able to find any of the good ones like Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario RPG, or Twilight Princess. Does Twilight Princess even HAVE a soundfont? Or, better yet, has anyone MADE one yet?? If anyone can find links to any of these, it would really help me a lot!! Also, I'd like to know if there is a COMPLETE Final Fantasy VIII soundfont as well. I got a demo disc version, but a couple of the sounds REFUSE to work at all!! Please let me know!!
  11. https://soundcloud.com/3swg-3-single-white-guys/kirby-save-hut-kirby-super
  12. Hey, guys! I'm new here, and I was wondering if we're allowed to submit our own compositions using certain soundfonts (such as Earthbound or F-Zero), and not just limited by making remixes (although they're REALLY fun to make). Please answer, cuz I'd really like to know in case my first submission isn't approved by the admins!
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