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  1. basically you start wherever you want to, there is no right or wrong answer. but as far as mixing and mastering goes worry about that later. for mixing you will basically be mixing as you create the track (adjusting levels etc.) i highly recommend this guys blog he has a few guides that i've found very helpful and while they don't go into crazy detail it gives you an idea of where to start. http://tarekith.com/helpandsounds/ hope that helps.
  2. It's definitely meant more for rhythms than melodies but it's still nice to have and even better if you have a 61-88 key midi controller the key switches are a little far apart (don't think you can move them) so there is wasted keys between the key switches and where the strings start here is a track i just made with the action strings plus some manipulation. https://soundcloud.com/astro-stasis/terror-mask the strings start about 2:28 mark.
  3. Working on this track currently, passed out the ver currently on my soundcloud at MAGFest. Hope you enjoy, any feedback/questions etc. is always welcomed. https://soundcloud.com/astro-stasis/lava-jump-demo
  4. Hello everyone! Decided to join up after attending the "Getting Lucky" Panel at MAGFest 12, been around games and music all my life (I'm 32, yes I am pretty old). Most of my music playing revolved around hardcore punk, rock, metal. The last few years has been spent thinking and talking about doing something along the lines of what i really wanted musically (electronic, hip hop, chip) it wasn't until recently that I finally got serious about it. I hope to come here make friends and music and try my hand at remixing. Can't wait to share stuff in the future and listen to what everyone else has to share.
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