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  1. I'd just like to say that even though Karl/Blad mentioned me in the song description, this piece is several thousand times better than anything I could come up with . Love it, I do I do!
  2. Believe it or not, the Hag 1 in Banjo-Tooie was pretty tough. I definitely gotta hand it to Rare for their creativity -- a bear and a bird, facing off against a giant, mobile drilling machine with several built-in laser cannons and two missile launchers, and two monsters in the trunk guarding the main battery. Oh, and a crazed witch driving the thing, who would every once in a while pop open the door, stick her head out, and either fire deadly magic spells at you or ask you random trivia questions about the game. Nice. It was an extremely tough battle, as least for me, seeing as how the vast majority of it plays out in first-person-shooter view (Banjo using Kazooie as an egg launcher), whereas most of Banjo-Tooie is in 3rd-person (other than the final battle, the 1st-person is only used for a couple of minigames). And since I was never a big FPS fan in the first place, it took a lot of getting used to.