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  1. My interview wasn't great but at least it wasn't absolutely lame.
  2. On 56k at the end of this week... Dammit, Larry! We saw the video feed of the show! It's hard to believe you're actually mature enough to get your work done on time! Are you really that selfish?
  3. Do you feel the love? I do.
  4. Larry, since one of my NFS tracks went over pretty well, I'll see if I can hook you up with 2-3 new tracks every week or two. I realize next week is the originals show, so I'll wait before I give you a couple, if you need. Oh yeah, thanks for the obscene amount of pimpage (No need to say my name that much).
  5. I am soooo making a couple a bumpers. My apologies for them sucking in advance.
  6. I assumed as much, but thanks for the heads up.
  7. Nice. I always love to get Game Boy remixes, and this is no exception. The FF titles were always great on the GB. As for the mix, greats sound & I think the length is perfect. Got a skitchy feel to it I love. I give it 4 out of 5. Thank you Ziwtra!
  8. Finally, a Sagat ReMix. While the surreal techno wouldn't be my first choice for style, Mazedude's "Sagat Moonbike" does have a slow muted quality which lends itself well to the title. I can almost see Sagat's knee charging Ryu in .1g. Anyway, quality work from a pro, I give it 4 out 5.
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