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  1. Hi everyone =D Ok this is not a Remix . Remixes are not my thing but maybe it's still valid to post this here since it's a musical tribute to a videogame song =D This is a completed project but you can still give feedback (plase do it). I'm a huge fan of hard rock, so I came up with this idea for a Rock Cover of Gorgeous Musical Castle, the heaviest song in the game. that song it's just awesome, I hope you like it. Greetings from México.
  2. Hi everyone =D I know this is not an actual remix or maybe it is, I dont know, but it's a musical rendition to that great classic from the SNES. I loved this level from the very instant i got in it, the atmosphere, the colors, the sounds and the music. So as part of my "Dia de Muertos" Specials I decided to give tribute to this great game and this awesome song. Everything was programmed and recorded by me. I hope you guys like it. Greetings from México =)
  3. Yep that's a good idea. One of my main goals is to play all my videogame covers Live. If I ever achieve that goal I will put that idea into practice. I will play this as a prelude to create anticipation then I will play the Metroid main theme in rock =D glad you liked it Light of aether...
  4. Thank you Geoffrey (n.n) / evktalo: thanks dude. I knew I had to cover the song like this when I listened to the chorus carefully. then I thought; ohh that sounds like something that could be done with the tapping technique. The song was kind of easy do adapt to this style like if it was meant to be played like that, I don't know the adaptation process flowed really well... MrKyle: Thanks n.n. jeje yea you're right I mean there are many ways to do it as complex as you want I kept it simple. well there's some counterpoint at the end jeje
  5. Inspired by Joe Satriani's "The Forgotten part 1" and "midnight" I decided to cover Kraid's Lair using the famous tapping technique. I hope you like it. If you like my work please, comment, share and subscribe =D
  6. Hi everyone. This game is very well known for it's awesome soundtrack so I decided to make a rock arrangement for the Stage 1 theme. I hope you like it.
  7. Hi This is my take on this awesome song. I hope you like it. I recommend headphones or stereo speakers I did some panning with my guitar not a big deal just having some fun with panning. Greeetings Please leave your comments, critics, and if you like my work please subscribe & share
  8. Wow thank you so much for your comment. Yep I know exactly what you mean regarding the guitar arpeggios jeje. It was difficult because Wicked Child is in A major and Burn is in G major so I had to pitch wicked child one tone down. The original idea was to play the same guitar solo but there was a conflict in the chord progression I didn't find a good arrangement to introduce the complete burn solo... so this one was the more natural way I could come up with. I have much to learn I agree with you about the organ part. I don't play keyboards so I made the solo on my guitar and translated it to the organ using a VST plugin called B4 by Native Instruments. It was really difficult to find the right sound. Most of the time I had no idea what was I doing ... I tried the "Lord" and "Purple" presets but they didn't work they sounded like accordions so I decided to go for a gothic kind of organ and clean it up for the solo. Jon Lord was a genius there is a lot of things going on in the sacral melodic part, 3 organs 1 piano and 1 synth making that chorus in the back. It was crazy ... I love that guy. Thanks again and yea try to listen to it with headphones. Before uploading my cover I tested it on cheap laptop/tv speakers too and yea it sounds a bit awful Greetings. PS: I see you have a Space Station Sillicon Valley remix. Man I love that game and it's soundtrack awesome job!!.
  9. Hi everyone. Here's my new cover, wicked child, with a little surprise for all Deep Purple fans out there Please dont hesitate to post your suggestions, comments or anything. Here is the video version: But since youtube's compression sword is legendary. Here's the HQ mp3 https://soundcloud.com/the-game-civilization/castlevania-wicked-child-a-deep-purple-tribute Greetings from México
  10. Hi everyone well this time I decided to do the staff roll for this revolutionary game. This is more like a straight cover I didn't have to change anything. I just added the solo part. I think this song is great as it is. Well I hope you like it. Thanks for watching and please leave your comments.
  11. Hi everyone. Today is "Día de Muertos" in my country México, so I decided to make this cover... maybe it has nothing to do with Día de Muertos but we are really close so let's make a cultural clash jejeje... greetings.
  12. Thanks for comment .. I almost left Castlevania out of the project, but soon I realized that Castlevania had to be there, also I needed a good link to Ridley's theme, Festival of Servants has many thing in common with Ridley's theme so it was easy to link them... Sorry for my bad english I'm mexican XD
  13. Hi everyone. Well this time I decided to make a Rock Medley based on Boss Fight themes. The theme selection is not a big deal, but every song put my skills to the test, they have a high technical level. Chrono trigger was really demanding, along with Zelda a link to the past, ninja gaiden, every song was a challenge. Well here it is hope you enjoy it.
  14. Thank you FM ... I'm glad you noticed it. I gew up with whitesnake, rainbow, deep purple, foreigner, also steve vai and joe satriani, jeje... Hey Uffe!! thanks for the comment, form the beginning I knew I had to put the Twilight princess version on this, it is beautiful, one of my favorite parts of the game, chasing Rutela to the graveyard... and her final message to her son ... I just hope it wasn't unespected in a uncomfortable way. And thanks for the tip, now all my guitar covers are available for download. If you guys are interested. https://soundcloud.com/the-game-civilization/tracks Thank you!
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