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  1. Thanks man! My album should be out towards the end of the year.
  2. I'm TOTALLY down to work on this. My favorite track on the Parappa Soundtrack is the Love You rap. I can provide vocals. Here's a recent track of mine that i put out for reference.
  3. Dude, this is really good. As far as electronic music goes, I'm more into Drum and Bass, but this is dope. Did you make a longer version?
  4. Hey guys, So I dropped a new song called 'Game Over' over the weekend. I'm pretty proud of this one. I do my own recording, mixing and mastering; and this is probably the most quality track I've ever released. Let me know what you think.
  5. Thanks for checking me out man. Definitely let me know.
  6. Hey guys, I haven't posted much in here, but i was wondering if anyone working on a remix or anything else is looking for some rap vocals? I'm a nerdcore/underground hip hop artist looking to collab with other musicians. It doesn't even have to be a hip hop track; I actually like rapping over other styles of music and can pretty much spit over anything. If you wanna check out some of my work, I have some links posted below. Hope to hear from some of you. Keep making awesome music! Website: http://www.aramis616.com Latest work: https://aramis616.bandcamp.com/album/sleight-of-hand Music Video:
  7. Track i recently dropped celebrating the Japanese release of the new Dragon Ball Z movie 'Resurrection F.' If your familiar with the English DBZ soundtrack, you'll probably recognize the sample . Check it out and let me know what you think. https://soundcloud.com/aramis616/aramis-super-saiyan-god
  8. Enjoyed listening both of these, man. Keep up the good work!
  9. I'm really digging this man. Really chill. City of Dreams is my fav. Keep up the good work.
  10. So here's my latest project: https://aramis616.bandcamp.com/album/sleight-of-hand A nice blend of underground hiphop and nerdcore. Lemmie know what you guys think.
  11. Sorry man, i was out of the country for a few weeks on vacation. Not sure why i didn't get a notification about this. I've been rapping for about 10 years, but didn't taken it seriously until about 2 years ago. I checked out that pumpkin Hill joint and im pretty impressed. I'd be down to collab for sure. Currently im working on my new Album Sleight of Hand. It will out sometime towards the end of next month.
  12. I'm a underground/nerdcore hip hop artist looking to work someone on anything really. I love doing collabs, especially when it has to do with video games. if you wanna check out some of my current stuff, check out my website below. I look forward to working with some of you. www.aramis616.com
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