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  1. Consider this my entry for the contest. I've been a big fan of Uematsu-san since I was a kid (lo, I think I learned his name before that of Beethoven or Bach). I'm glad to see that he's gone from 1,500 likes to well over 6,000, so that's a major win for everyone. Of course, I'm not sure winning the tickets would do me much good, since the only performance that's even remotely close enough for me to attend would be on the 30th, the day after the contest ends. Though, I suppose that if I had tickets in hand, I could find the money for a plane ticket to another show (as awesome as autographed albums sound, I couldn't pass up meeting the man himself). For reference, my FB name is Robert Lemiszki. Best of luck to everyone!
  2. This is some of the finest work I've ever heard from this site. It takes a lot for music to make my cry, but I think it's as much from how it matches my current situation (deployed and away from my love) as it is the amazing remix. But that doesn't do it justice, I know how hard it is to write lyrics for music and make it seem to fit and not forced, kudos on that. But the whole remix (of one of my favorite tracks ever, BTW), was a quality bit of work.
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