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  1. The page is now live! Should be a decent start, and it's been up for several days without being deleted this time
  2. OK so there's now a discussion over at SSSMG here which links to a work-in-progress of the new/restored page: You'll need to register for the SSSMG site but it's free and useful.
  3. That's the plan! I'm using what's in the "Video game music" page to re-create the "Ludomusicology" page, so I think the "Academic study" section will need to be re-written as a broad summary (I don't think Wikipedia likes stuff being copied, even in those circumstances). I think it's pretty easy to set up once the page is restored, from what I can see.
  4. The person who merged the "Ludomusicology" article into "Video game music" agreed about studying coursework, and merged it all into a section on "Video game music education", but with the title "Academic study". I disagree with that - I think education and research are sufficiently separate (though obviously related) activities - so I separated them. I kept the "Academic study" section title to keep the redirect from "Ludomusicology" intact, and specified "research" in the first sentence to try to make the distinction clear. The section title can (and probably should be) changed. However, if the page is split out again, it's kind of moot. I've started working on a restored/updated "Ludomusicology" page, and I'll post deets over on SSSMG later (it's on my personal sandbox but can be edited by anyone, so I don't want to post the link publicly).
  5. On further investigation it looks as though the "Ludomusicology" page was merged into "Video game music" by a new page reviewer, because the page quality wasn't great (minimal referencing, un-encyclopaedic language, etc.). Should be entirely possible to set it up again, or a dedicated "Video game music studies" page (not that I really want to get into that particular terminology debate), as long as the quality is good enough. Which would require a concerted effort. I'm learning a bit about wiki editing (sometimes it's just too hard to let bad grammar slide) so I'm happy to help. Think I'll put a post over on SSSMG as well.
  6. The "Ludomusicology" page got rolled into the "Video game music" page and combined with the "Video game music education" section. I separated it out into an "Academic study" section on that page, and added some details... I'd forgotten about this post it's a start anyway