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  1. Epic fail! I bought lallumbar.com but I'm not gonna use that xD However, I'm very thankful to have finally gotten over my username indecisivity woes and found the perfect username. I would like my username changed from "Christfox" to "Nibiko"
  2. Thanks. Actually, on second thought, please nevermind that name change - I will first buy a domain name and then post back here, so I know that I am 100% serious about the name.
  3. I would like my username changed from "Christfox" to "Lal Lumbar"
  4. Hey there OCR! I love FL Studio. I first used FL Studio as FL Studio 5 in 2006 (my dad got it from a friend or something) and I was instantly hooked. I got FL Studio signature bundle (digital version) at the start of this year when it was on a crazy discount. I've always loved video game music, and also trance and house. Other than that, I'm a Christian and a huge Tails-fan. This looks like a very nice community so I'm very happy to meet you all
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