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  1. Not bad stuff..I personally enjoyed Earthbound..It was one of those games that wasnt really that big at the time since it didnt have much press but if you played it you got totally drawed it..And one was because of the games just plainly odd music..You get to ride a bus to the next town..How odd in games is this now and days(Excluding Shenmue)...But anywho I liked this remix..Im not really into this sort of music but hearing this song,I think the fashion suits it.Good job!
  2. Again this was a nice song at just the right time in the game..So I liked the feel..And the remix is just perfect...Kept all the goods and just made it even better..Great remix..And now I have the mp3 title to this song so I can go and dl it off of KaZaa!
  3. I agree as well...Call me a sucker for the romantics but this song seemed more heart-felt...And just some songs arent made out to be made to be in that style...Still an ok song...Just something I wouldnt really listen to that much..
  4. If theres anything I love more than solo piano pieces..Then..Dang..Crap not a good line for that one....Its not enough that I already love this song..It being my favorite in the game..But this remix makes me like it even more.Good job!
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