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  1. I went to that URL and it was exactly what I needed! With the Sforzando VST I can use those sound fonts anywhere and it will be a big help easing me into more fully featured software. I may also look at FluidR3 soon. Thanks for the excellent resources! Edit: You mentioned Kontakt. Is there a way I can get the software for free or fairly cheap without paying for any sample libraries? I happen to have done some sound design in Kontakt and would at least like to be able to use the instruments I put together.
  2. Perhaps a lot of what has me overwhelmed is the sampling and instrument aspect. I would like to have at least as much breadth as is offered by General MIDI and I'm willing to accept a lower quality for that breadth as long as I can find better instruments later. Beyond that I'm having difficulty judging the differences between programs aside from minor interface annoyances. So I tried Reaper and Ableton Live but neither made as much sense as Reason. Somehow I didn't notice how much Reason costs though. Is it worth more than Logic? I'm getting really frustrated by the lack of a demo for Logic.
  3. I've been taking a first look at Reason and was wondering about a couple of things. 1. Does Reason have something like Tegions in Pro Tools? A way to copy a region so that further edits to it edit all copies? 2. What plugins and instruments does Reason support? 3. Is there an easy way to transition between MIDI drum tracks and the specialized sequencers?
  4. I've also tried GarageBand and as I recall my main problems with it were the limited instrument selection and lack of explicit MIDI support. A lot of these programs seem designed for specific genres but I would like to have a wider palette. This shouldn't be so hard; I cut my teeth on sound design with nothing but General MIDI. Another requirement that I forgot is good support for drum programming. I remember it was surprisingly painful in Pro Tools, and may also have been part of my dismissal of GarageBand. So far though it sounds like I'll be trying out Reaper, Reason, and GarageBand soon. It's good to know that once I need a tracker I could add ReVisit. Which software will that plug in to?
  5. Do you have samples of your playing available somewhere?

  6. There are so many options and many are ao expensive that not having a DAW at all is the primary reason I haven't been composing or arranging anything for several years. So I'm really hoping that I can get some recommendations com people I know are at least waist deep in audio production. I tried FL Studio a while ago and the loop-based structure didn't make any sense to me. Also I'm on a Mac so it won't work for me in that regard either. I have some proficincy with Pro Tools but for how dope wove it is it would ha to be totally perfect do me, which it is not. The effects systems are too needlessly overcomplicated, the piano roll editor is imprecise and inefficient compared to the other interface I'm used to, and I'd expect a better assortment of patches for the money. The other interface I'm used to was Magix MIDI Studio 5, which is rather old. It was also rather limited. What I want is excellent MIDI capabilities with an efficient piano roll interface. An additional tracker interface would be nice too. MIDI file import and export is a must, as is a decent collection of patches for non-MIDI export. It would also be nice if there were an additional note-based export format which could retain more detail than .mid files and be played back in a game engine. I have found the following tools. Could anybody reading his please describe whether any of these met my needs and which you personally prefer, and why? Cubase Digital Performer Ableton Live Logic Pro Pro Tools REAPER Reason Magix Samplitude (or others? Not sure what the differences are in their product line) I'm also biased towards programs with free trials so I can figure out if I actually do like it first.
  7. Hello. I am rey meustrus. Been listening to OCR a while and deciding to join the community for some advice. See, I've done music a long time and composition specifically for several years. However I haven't composed lately and a big reason is that I haven't found the right tools. I have experience with Pro Tools and Konrakt but am not sure if I really like them Kontakt probably, since I have a few interesting custom instruments to play around with. I don't currently possess either program however. I did most of my composition with a Windows 95 era tool called Magix MIDI Studio 5, and I guess Pro Tools was definitely better in every way but it still felt limiting. Check my profile if you're interested in collaborating. Like I said I've been doing music a long time so if you want a performer I am most likely willing.
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